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  • Yeah I’m trying to decide between definitely having no problems with 36h hope pro 4, or building 32h with the Chris king I already have with a beast of a rim and hopefully having no problems.

    Unfortunately I need the wheel yesterday so can’t wait for a 36h king to come up.

    Rim options are:

    Velocity cliffhanger - nice but getting hold of the matching 20” will be an expensive PITA.

    DT E512 - lighter, cheaper and kind of matches a gusset trix for the front. The kind of bit is putting me off.

  • The kind of bit is putting me off.

    622 doesn't match 406...

  • Profile, eyelets... not diameter ☺️

  • I know, but is that really a big deal?!

  • Bicicapace Just long looks great for two kids­/bikes/type/bicicapace-justlong-2/

    With nexus 8 and no e-assist it's only £1,390

    £3k for shimano steps e-assist

    They now come with disc brakes rather than the crap roller brakes they were using before.

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  • I have mild OCD 😅

    it would be nicer if they matched, although with my wheel being 200g heavier and my wallet £200 lighter I might be able to get over myself.

  • With nexus 8 and no e-assist it's only £1,390

    Pretty good this; Bafang is about £600/650 on top

  • Unless she's clearly outspoken about a desire to upgrad/try something new, I think upgrading/ trading up sounds like a good idea.

    re: my dad - I think he just rode everywhere in the lowest gear - he was certainly never jacked :D


    Thanks, this looks nice, bit like the "Circe" tandems that I see around here sometimes.

  • I've just joined the cargo bike club with a decently priced second hand workcycles fr8. Cycled my brompton to pick up the new bike, and it handled nicely on the way home with my brompton tied on the back. Looking forward to riding around with more heavy stuff, passengers and convincing my dog to get in a large box on the front.

    Looking for a service and some replacement parts/accessories. I think Bikefix is a workcycles dealer.

    Any other recommendations for a lbs out there to get parts or accessories?

  • What psi are you running?

  • I was worried about my dogs on the omnium, but they absolutely love it! Both of em shit themselves in my van

  • Have you seen the Benno bikes range?

    It might be totally off the mark but they do a bike called the EJoy which is a traditional looking ladies step thru bike but with cargo capabilities. Only available as an electric bike though

  • thats what @r.hobbs is getting

  • Boost E * 7 weeks ish to go!

  • How do you remove and install headset on a Bullitt? On the steering side not on the fork.

  • my puppy now kicks off if I don't lift her up to sit on the front of my Omnium, I've created a small hairy monster!

  • install headset on a Bullitt­bullitt_assembly_manual

  • I saw that, it looks like the headset cups come installed according to the manual

  • Anything down to about 25-30psi but it's very draggy at that sort of pressure even though it's very soft and comfy! 2.3" tyres are like balloons.

  • I’ve been using a 32hole pro 2 hub with d521 rim that I built (only the second wheel I’ve ever built) since 2016 and i regularly carry two 3 and a half stone toddlers, snacks and me 90ish kg. Also have a huge rear rack (like a caddy rack) that my wife sits on regularly and I’ve not even had to true the wheel. I’m sure 32hole built well with a good rim will be golden

  • My dog loves our infrequent pedalme taxi rides. Much more than trains and cars. I assume he'll trust me just as much when it's me pedalling.

  • Yeah my dog absolutely loves being in the front, even jumps in the front when I'm taking it out the shed to service it..
    Have been taking him in it since he was a pup.

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  • I love seeing dogs in cargo bikes

  • Oh go on then..

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Cargo Bikes

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