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  • I don't mean riding to its limit, I mean getting over not paths without it being so uncomfortable for my kids that they refuse to go.

  • I've gone a bit cold on that one anyway. I would be prepared to pay anything near what he is asking, ESP since I'd need some expensive options to make it work.

    I am seriously looking at the cube cargo tho.

  • Recommended cover for a Bullitt ?

  • The proper bullitt garage is nice, but also quite a bit over £100.
    Most full size motorbike covers are going to be fine, lacks the exact shape but will fit. Just beware, don't seal it up entirely, your bike will rot, only cover from above, leave air to circulate.
    Spend £20-40, a fully waterproof taped seal job is nice, but aim for tear resistance rather than packability.

  • Thanks for the tips.

    The second hand one lingering on eBay has had its box removed and a custom aluminium floor plate installed. What think ye of this? He's now set the start price at 2k.

    I should probably talk to my partner about this sometime soon...

  • All hive mind advice welcomed on whether you consider it a good purchase at that price given a new one is 2.7k.

  • Are new ones available?

  • 1/3 to 1/4 (depending the value you put on the floor plate) less than new prices is not crazy expensive but I think a little punchy.

    I wonder how desirable it is, most people wanting a cargo bike will be looking for e assist I bet and coaster breakers aren't that common in the UK.

    Not any other bullitts out there to measure against tho I guess.

  • Had a couple of messages with someone with a packster 70 in stock today. £9k. Oof

  • worth noting the Nexus 7 coaster brake option is the lowest/cheapest complete Bullitt so you could get a new one for £2535 although it is special order from Denmark only

    Deore 20 spd is £2860

    On the continent the rule of thumb for selling a 2nd hand Bullitt seems to be €1k off of rrp almost regardless of use

    Hope this helps

  • @M_A_X have you any thoughts on that pricing for a second hand one?

    It was used by a courier company, but the guy couldn't tell me how many miles had been done with the Nexus.

  • £2k is acceptable imo. (Is that starting price or what he's selling for?)

    I paid 1,500 for frame only using cycle to work. Had most bits lying about / swapped over from my DIY cargo bike

    You probably might have parts too? Barring 20" front wheel, then you can upgrade as you go..

  • I think £2k is probably about right for a Bullitt. It is a lot of money, but given that it's a more premium cargo bike and it's currently fashionable (owners please don't take that the wrong way), I think £2k would be a fair price if it's in good condition. I wouldn't be put off by the lack of assist, mine is upward of 55kg once there's a box, child, picnic, books and toys onboard and I don't have any trouble getting it up the hills around here or up the stupidly steep ramp at the tip with 100kg of shite onboard. 2.3" tyres with not too much pressure is fine for rough stuff, but I've got a mountain bike if I want to really go off road.

    Just buy it. It'll hurt at the point of handing over the cash but as soon as you get it home you'll have no regrets!

  • I should htfu

  • I have recently been snapping rear spokes on my omnium (700c 32h). I am quite often carrying 50-60kg, though not for prolonged periods on it, and I weigh 70, but the wheels weren’t particularly good ones.

    What are peoples thoughts on building a fairly hench 700/32h wheel vs 36h? I already have some nice 32h hubs but can sell them and get a 36 if it’ll be better.

    tldr - trying to work if the problem is a crap build or the number of spokes before I spend monies on new wheel.

  • I'm not usually carrying that much weight but I have had no issues with 32h so far, handbuilt.

  • I went for 36h on my omnium and haven't had any issues. They were hand built by a decent wheel building which I think is the most important part of the process.

  • My sister is looking to retire her Pashley which has been fine for cycling about leicester/toting kid number 1 around, but has also proved quite heavy, annoying on hills, etc. It got her into cycling and she loves it a lot but she thinks she needs something else.

    Kid no2 is en route so she won't be riding for a while, but I'm already expected to be able to consult on what should replace the pashley. I've no idea. I suspect 6 grand front loaded e cargo will be quite a tough sell over the already extant 03 plate toyota yaris and I don't quite understand how they would store such a thing (I guess lean to in the front garden + ground anchor?)

    Are more traditional style town bikes (with or without motor assist) "not worth it" or... I don't know. How do people work out what e-bike they should get? I feel like there's a bunch of questions that need to be answered but I don't even know what they are. Has anyone made a flow chart?

  • A longtail cargo? An older (disc) Ute with bafang can be quite cheap.

  • I am quite happy with this but its not a 2 kid bike. I think.

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  • My dad used to carry my older sister and I on a regular 3-speed dutch men's bike, with a yepp mini-style seat the front for my sister and a regular child seat at the back.. carried backpacks for all of us as well. Unless she actually wants a cargo bike, there are other alternative solutions.
    Basically something like this:

  • I was thinking something like this, she probably won't need to transport 2 kids at once. But no one seems to be talking about them in here, hence my wondering if they're all actually shit.

  • I personally think she should just get something like a "modern" Pashley, but I feel like I'd like to be literate in all possible solutions before recommending something. And also what is a "modern pashley" ??

    Kudos to your dad tho! Must have been jacked.

  • Absolutely not, trying to find a suspension-less eBike that can take a normal rack is hard work though. I would also say that avoid rack mount battery IF your budget allows, its a weird place to have quite a bit of weight plus kid.

    Look at raleigh and ridgeback offerings. Cube also have some good things.

    I bought that trek because it was cheap. Came in just under £2k as its last years model, the latest one is £2300 I think, still good value.

    Carrying 2 kids at once gets expensive as then you need long tail cargo. One kid front, one back easily manageable on most bikes till the kid in the front grows out of that seat.

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Cargo Bikes

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