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  • Looking forward to seeing the updates

  • 5 moving boxes easy. Could have taken more, love this bike.

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  • No sharp turns on that ride eh

  • About how much weight were those five boxes altogether do you think?

  • Could be close to the supposed "max" but not sure. This is an old loaner bike from my work and we take crazy large loads regularly with these bikes, and the loading area/frame is fine. Both the omniums and bullitts can take massive cargo loads.

  • I blew yet another Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre so currently looking for a replacement.
    (side wall popped - that's the 3rd time)

    Schwalbe has just released a cargo specific tyre - the Schwalbe Pick Up.­schwalbe-pick-up

    SCHWALBE‘S FIRST TRUE CARGO TIRE. Due to its extremely stable double carcass, the Schwalbe Pick-Up becomes a real packhorse and at the same time offers excellent puncture protection. In addition, the ADDIX E-Compound ensures exceptionally good riding performance and grip, even in the 20 ‚‘ version. With the ECE-R75 certification, the Schwalbe Pick-Up is the optimal choice for all e-cargo bikes.

    SUPER DEFENSE: The extremely strong double carcass gives the tire excellent safety under heavy loads. Multiple carcass layers give the tire extra puncture protection.

    RECOMMENDATION: In order to achieve the best possible performance under different loads, we recommend that you adjust the air pressure of your bike accordingly.

    Unfortunately too wide to fit my Douze!

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  • been using the pickups for the last couple of months after suffering many sidewall tears with Big Ben plus tyres previously. What’s the max width your douze can manage?

    In my opinion the 26 x 2.15” comes up a bit skinny, do you want to borrow one to test?

    If the Schwalbes a no go I thought the continental contact Urban were quite good. Not as heavy duty but didn’t get any sidewall tears with them.

  • I've ordered a "Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tour" in 26 x 1.75 (47).

    I'd be interested in knowing the true width of the PickUps in 2.15 (55) next time you happen to have a vernier gauge in hand

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  • Hi there, long time lurker first time poster on this thread. Is there any bike out there that has a front flatbed that is bigger or equivalent to the Urban Arrow XXL ? thank you.

  • I remember seeing a top down comparison of a range of cargo bikes in a Scandanavian magazine sometime - I'll see if I can find it.

    Nothing stopping you bolting on a big sheet of plywood onto the chassis of an Urban Arrow or Bullitt and going wider.

  • The load wouldn't be safe to put on a widened Bullitt.

    Thanks for the link, but can't see anything as long as the XXL in those images. IIRC the length of the flatbed is 130cm.

  • What is it you're looking to carry? The company that I used to work for had a trike made by a company called Iceni that we used for anything too big or heavy to take on a Bullitt.

  • Italian company 'Bronte XL' also do a very long, long john style, unlikely as big as the UA XXL though, pretty sure its biggest in industry*

    *For good reason, cargo's that are just too big are a PITA for every other kind of situation, imagine buying a jumbo wheelbase van for that once in a week delivery, when the rest of the time the standard wheelbase is adequate.
    Consider a big trailer if you want truly massive length capacity (and safety). Busybike and Donkey trailers both make a 2m+ length trailer (load area) for loads of approx 100kg

  • *For good reason, cargo's that are just too big are a PITA for every other kind of situation

    Agree with this! Mine is longer than a Bullitt and I have to think twice sometimes about whether I'll be able to turn around or get round a corner. I've seen someone hauling what must have been a long wheelbase UA and wondered how they get around a lot of places!

  • I am looking into replacing the Cargo box on my Douze to get a kid friendly box.

    Prices are STEEP!

    £1,200 for a plastic bucket, a folding seat and a cover.

    So will likely look for a second hand child bike seat (sub £50), remove to cover of my AluLock box, make a steel adaptor bracket to get the seat fitted inside the box (£50)

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  • I feel your pain Vince. We have a medium Douze (600mm front-end) which we have owned for about 3.5 years. We bought it kitted out with full family pack and have not regretted it one bit.

    The Douze stuff is pretty well detailed and they can't make huge numbers hence the high price. I see plenty of home-made bike boxes, but loads of them lack full weather protection for the kids and if you want something you can use all year around then a good water/windproof cover is vital.

    Our boy has just turned 7 this month and still fits in, although it's getting tight length wise and we're seriously considering getting a 800mm front-end like you to give him more leg room. He can ride a bike fine, but there are many times where it's just not practical to have him on his bike as well especially if we're in a rush...

    I leave the cover on the bike most of the time unless I'm carrying something oversize as it gives us extra storage height and everything stays dry. I've never failed to fit our weekly shop in the bike no matter how much I've bought it's always fitted in OK without squishing the fruit & veg! :)

    It's over to you to do the time vs. money calculation! :)

  • The only thing that slightly annoys me is that I know Douze's margins on their kit.
    Back in 2018, my AluLock box needed to be replaced under warranty and came with a 200€ invoice when I paid £600 for it as an option.

    But I guess that's how business works!

    The "Ecobox" is cheaper but as you say, I need to decide if the plywood will outlast its 24 months EU warranty. Most likely not so I should be able to get a replacement at month 23...

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  • Always struck me that go kart seats may be good for in cargos. They can be had sub 50 quid and they’re usually fibreglass or plastic so fairly light and comfy because they’re butt shaped

  • Or those cheap copies of Eames chairs that used to proliferate in the schools I attended millennia ago.

  • That's a good margin, but as you say that's business! :) I dread to think what a complete longer front-end will cost now. Did have a quote from LGC a while back, but suspect costs like everything else have ramped up.

    If looked after the Douze box/cover should last quite a few years, but again this depends on where the bike's stored and how much exposure it gets to rain/sunlight.

    We have the softbox surround (Cordura) and the older style canopy (with inflatable frame) and they have lasted well, although I've UV proofed it twice with Nikwax. I have crashed it 3 times (twice with the boy on board much to his amusement!) which caused some zip damage. In fact on the design we have the zips are the weakest link as they are not the most robust feeling and kids are constantly play with them, but you can keep them lubed (silicone grease) and tighten the zipper with mole-grips to keep things working OK. The newer design looks like they have omitted zippers altogether.

  • Also won't go manky if it gets wet

  • Right, seeing the prices of the various options and keeping in mind that I already have an AluLock box (800x600), the best option is to get one of the official adaptors from Douze which are about £70.

    I will then remove to lid of the AluLock box and that'll do nicely. Until it rains :-)

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  • Thanks for the links / names of long trailers. I would prefer to have the load (@ltc possibly two 12v subwoofers, two midranges, and a top, total weight somewhere in the range nearing 100kg) in front of me but a trailer might be the best option, both for storage with my as-yet-non-existent back garden (if we get a house transfer) and also the eye watering cost of the XXL - haven't discussed any of this with partner either who has threatened divorce if the sound system gets any bigger. The subs are about 66cm wide IIRC, with the others would be stacked & wrapped on top. Want them all facing the same direction rather than side by side.

    Please forgive the mid life crisis.

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Cargo Bikes

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