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  • Thanks for that,
    @Chalfie think friend wants something that’s good for him and his partner, doesn’t take up too much space, and isn’t too pricey.

  • Conti contact Urban is good (406-55 vsn coming soon)- or check out various bmx tyres.. quite like maxxis grifter.

    Schwalbe pickup should be grippier too when it’s available

  • Big Apple for comfort. I haven't had any issues with grip yet.

  • Yeah I see a lot of them doing exactly this! Seem popular

    Have you had a chance to go for a test ride on one?

    I’m in SE, if you want to have a go on an Urban Arrow let me know :).

  • I think @Vbulman means that there have been a lot of problems reported with the GSD so owning one might be like being cursed.

    This exactly - the first 3 production years of the GSD S10 and S00 were rife with QC problems. No idea about the newest generation, but given the HSD has also had similar issues I'm not expecting much.

    That said, they were all fixable - so if you buy from a shop who's aware of the issues and gives enough of a flip to fix them during the build process, the bike's safe and will run fine.

  • Don’t think that’s gonna be much different from the Big Ben apart from 100g heavier?

  • Here's my new daily rider

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  • What other cargo bikes apart from terns are flexible enough to be used by two, very different height, riders?

  • Big Apple is the lighter, more comfortable out of the 2. You can probably get even more supple by fitting a BMX race tyre, but on a cargo bike? What pressure you're running?

  • Anything with an upright enough position should be fine. My Kr8 bakfiets worked well for me (6'5") and my OH (5'9") - it just had a QR on the seatpost for speedy adjustment.

  • I vote Maxxis DTH

  • Mini WiFi? Sweet! Wanted to get one but the shipping cost was insane

  • Very cool!

    Would be even cooler if you'd mount an exhaust pipe with flames on it on the rear end!

  • ???

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  • Yes it's a Mini WiFi. And yes, the shipping cost are a bit steep, probably due to the weight and dimensions of these frames. I ordered the wheelset with the frame with no additional shipping costs and everything got delivered within 4 days by UPS.

  • I also joined the crew this week. Love it.

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  • Ah ok maybe the sites I looked at listed the weights incorrectly. 60/50 (dry/wet)

  • This is very nice.
    But your rear tire is on backwards.

  • ???

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  • awesome! that SBC deal I presume?

    can I ask a favour? I have the folding seat; just stumped on how to attach it, could you send pics of how its attached pls?

  • dibs when you sell! also can I have a go?

  • No selling. This is for the kids. I also can actually store it safely now.
    And of course, just come round some point.
    Also to talk garage space.
    You have my phone number right? If not pm me.
    @amey yes and will do when I next ride it in daytime.

    Main role so far has been dump and paint runs. And coffee with my wife, who also has a new cargo bike but on much smaller scale.

  • I'm aware of this and honestly don't care since it's gonna be covered by a mudguard pretty soon

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Cargo Bikes

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