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  • Ah, thanks for clarifying.

    Also: great gulliver effect on your omnium. Or lilliput effect on everything else in that room that fits below the cargo platform.

  • Did you hit the fork blades before getting the radius tight enough? If you're a perfectionist you can dimple the fender to clear them and get a tighter radius.

  • Alright alright, yours' better than mine, no need to show off...

    I could probably obtain a better result if I were to spend more time on it, but going from 622 to 406 was quite a stretch to start with. I have found a good tool for the job though, I bet even Weigle doesn't know that trick.

  • Alright alright, yours' better than mine, no need to show off...

    Apologies! Wasn't my intent to gloat - I just had to figure it out for myself and was eager to maybe save you some of the headache. Hadn't realized you went from 700c to 20" that's pretty dramatic!

  • I was just kidding, I'll add a wink emoji next time.

  • 2021 trend alert : Gravcargopacking

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  • @acinq looks awesome, although this was September

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  • 2021 trend alert : Gravcargopacking

    Another preexisting niche (Cargocamping) rebranded as if it were a new concept. My Tradesman is very envious of those thru axles though.

  • I rode single track with my daughter and all our camping gear on the omnium past summer. Gotta love it!

    Edit: that bike tho!

  • Recently, a friend moved to this land with his nearly 1year old daughter.
    I was thinking to treat him with a cargo bike for Christmas but my budget is tight (400-500 pounds).
    Any suggestion?
    He lives close to Oxford so not much hilly as in my WM.


  • Friend is thinking of getting one of these.­sd

    Anyone have any knowledge of this model?


  • Go balls out and get the GSD.

  • Pashley Prontos are the old postie bikes, they're a decent budget option and they always crop up on eBay in various states of (dis)repair.
    Elephant bikes are the same but have undergone refurbishment

  • i'll have a look. thanks

  • yeah, not much savings between HSD and GSD

  • Go balls out and get the GSD.

    Great way to gift an albatross.

  • Eh?

  • I think @Vbulman means that there have been a lot of problems reported with the GSD so owning one might be like being cursed.

    I’ve no personal experience of the bike but I remember reading, possibly on this very thread, that people had been having problems with them.

  • Oh. I didn't know that!
    Sorry, only recently joined the cargo bike convo. Am keen on something like the hsd/ had for the family thing instead of the car we don't have.

  • What’s drawing you to the GSD / long tail cargo bikes in general?

  • We have the GSD for family transportation mainly, 3yo and 7yo nursery/ school drop off. No technical problems so far, only had it 4 months though, fingers crossed it stays that way! Absolutely brilliant bike though, super practical and stable and easy to control, although upgrading the kickstand is a must.

    Sorry, no experience of the HSD though!

  • With the hsd/gsd it's the length, it's haulage capability. The fact both my kids could sit on the back at the same time. (Ones 9 ones 3).

  • Rad.

    Anyone recommend a decent 406 tyre for winter for front end of a full size omnium. Have been using a Big Ben but would like something more supple/less slippery in the wet.

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Cargo Bikes

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