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  • This looks awesome but all the GSD's on their website look butters. Is this an older, non pedal assist version or a custom?

  • That's not a Tern, just something that turned up when I was looking for something similar. Japanese, I think, maybe named Utilite. Nowt on the internet about it.

  • Ahh that makes more sense!

  • Anyone managed to get a Bullit on a train? Say to Brighton and back?

  • Should be fine if you can pop it on the back wheel I'd imagine!

  • maybe, wondering if it's worth the risk.

  • Anyone paired bicycle hubs with moped rims and tyres for things like trailers? I’d like to explore the pros and cons..

  • I have seen it done on instagram but brighton train i suppose is the worst. Saw it on those new thameslink trains.

  • The cons are going to be the drag mostly. I used to ride step-throughs and the tyres on them are very draggy compared to a bike tyre, even more so if they’re not pumped up quite hard. Also most scooter wheels are solid alloy, not spoked. Pro for a trailer is that a lot of scooter wheels are single sided hubs, so a lot stronger when mounted on one side. Oh and the weight, they’re quite heavy for what they are.

    The main problem for spoked motorcycle rims is probably going to be the spokes, because they’re designed for much larger diameter spokes and nipples. And they’re designed for a much wider hub so the spoke offsets are far wider than you’d normally want to use with a bike hub.

  • Two new bikes from ridgeback!

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  • The two wheeler might do well, seen the pricing, very close to existing competitors but any shop in the UK can get them.
    The three wheeler, I can just imagine the size of the chunk missing from the saddle when my arse bites it during a death wobble, I'd like to be wrong :/

  • Strictly 10mph top speed 😅

  • Both a touch small in the cargo area for my liking

  • Top one is called ‘butcher’ 🤮

  • Two new bikes from ridgeback!

    It's just a rebadged Centurion Challenger E cargo.

  • ^ front light looks exhausted

  • Anyone here have/work on cargo bikes with Rohloff? I'm trying to get a bead on external gearing. Seems most retail touring bikes go 42x16 and bikepacking bikes tend to do 32x16. Doing the napkin math, the current 3x8 drivetrain that's been working well on cycletruck would translate into something like 42x18...

  • Yeah, I do!

    Urban Arrow XL, Bosch 2nd gen- front cog is 18t (36) rear is 16t. This is how they come from UA.

  • Yeah, I do!

    Urban Arrow XL, Bosch 2nd gen- front cog is 18t (36) rear is 16t. This is how they come from UA.

    Right on. A bit higher than a bikepacking bike then. How do you find the gearing for climbing loaded?

  • Never had an issue, 1st gear is super light with those ratios.

    Don’t think that you can lower the gear inches much more without potentially damaging the Rohloff hub.

    Not sure if that’s only a rule for ebikes or not

  • So my bakfiets is rolling. The initial new chain and cables plan ended up with only the frame, steerer and steering rod left.
    It all escalated further when I found a very affordable second hand Bullit wheelset.
    So I bought a disc fork, and right now I am trying to get the disc adapter in the rear to work.

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  • This is not really ideal, but should work well enough after some swearing.
    Once its clear that the rust hasn't eaten the whole chainstays from the inside it might get new dropouts.

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  • Where did you get the disc fork?

    Have a friend who wants to make a bakfiets disc

  •, 79€.

  • Does anyone have plans for a home made bullit box they’d be happy to share?

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Cargo Bikes

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