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  • They are pretty good for puncture resistance. Did you get the big apple plus or standard? Although wouldn’t really worry that much about punctures with either tbh

  • Standard. I had a Conti Contact previously, which has been excellent in terms of durability and puncture resistance (at a fraction of the price of say a Marathon Plus), but the sidewalls are very thick. The upcoming Danish winter will tell I guess!

  • Conti 20x2”+ sizes are coming.. can always revert back :)

  • Conti contact plus is a direct competitor to marathon plus, same weight same protection, less milage but slightly better grip below 10c ime
    Used to see them for much less cost wise but Conti has now stopped pushing them into UK at such a keen price so they now sit pretty equal

  • Orbea Katu and a Donky on eBay, both ~£350 currently.

  • Had my first flat battery the other day. Not too many miles but very hilly & carrying full load. Got to within half a mile of home. The flat bits were ok but had to push it up the hills. Now I've become a bit paranoid - bit like PPP (post puncture paranoia)

  • I've got a ground anchor and pragmasis for my cargo bike. I want something that'll make a hellish racket if the bike is tampered with when it's locked up overnight

    Any reccomendations?

  • You could look at those motorbike alarm locks?

  • I have this for my motorbike and that works very well however I don't know how it would work in a cargo bike as the discs are not "beefy" enough

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  • I want something that'll make a hellish racket if the bike is tampered with when it's locked up overnight

    Any reccomendations?

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  • Anything like the Tern GSD that isn't the Tern GSD? Looking for carrying capacity but also capable of getting on a train and could be ridden by two quite different sized people. Ideally built from steel, doesn't need a motor necessarily.

  • Tern HSD?

  • Appreciate some of the design features of the terns but they just seem a bit too gadget man and shiny to theifs.

  • Yuba kombi, stands on its arse to fit in tight spots, loud colours tho, welcome to give mine a spin.

  • What is this trickery? I have a Big Dummy that I use for carting stuff and kids around. Front end on that looks useful

  • The crust fork?

  • oh yeah! this looks great! and well-priced too. Why is everyone not riding these!? Not in London right now, but will hit you up with some questions via PM.

  • Yuba kombi

    ugly battery placement though

  • Why is everyone not riding these!?

    Because it gets super annoying when people ask you whether you have driven your bike into a brick wall lately on a daily basis.

  • Looks like there might be room under the top deck, with the right battery. Think this might stay analogue anyway.

  • Saw someone mount a battery as attached but yea still not really a looker, I was going to get this kit next year but its nice to ride without a motor.

    I literally get that question about a brick wall..... like.... all the time.... Super annoying.....

    Everyone does ask if it's electric tho.

  • Not really classy but still looks fun.

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  • don't give my wife any more ideas pls

    2 kids under 3 years old is enough obligations to other living beings for the moment

  • interesting, thanks.

  • That's just because it's an aftermarket motor on a non-specific frame tho

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Cargo Bikes

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