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  • I’m the same. I also try and dress more visible / use daytime lights if I’m on the bike with my son and it’s even a bit overcast.

    I’ve actually been feeling really anxious on my bike lately ever since another cyclist went to run a red pedestrian light that I was crossing on my dad bike, and slammed into my rear wheel. We also got side swiped in our car recently. I keep waiting to get hit or doored. The problem I have is I want bikes to be more common in my area for everyday type riding, but I’ve been lazy and driven a lot more, just adding to car traffic and having less bikes visible on the road. I made sure I rode to pick up my son yesterday. This morning I saw a lady on a Yuba Spicy Curry with kids seats on the back.

  • This conversation might do better in its own thread or there might be a specific thread for this type of chat. There are people.on here with good knowledge about cycling advocacy.

    But there are real perception issues about utility cycling. Even tho I've been cycling in urban areas for 15 years, I still lose confidence occasionally. Was one car away from a big crash a few weeks ago, for example. If I'd been 20 metres up the road, my son and I could well be dead or seriously injured because of another driver's bad judgment.

    Choosing routes carefully is a big part of it. Unfortunately, the road type I feel the least safe on is the single-lane rural A or B road linking towns together. That applies when I'm on a road bike as well as when cycling my son around. Cars tend to bomb down them because they can, and they don't expect cyclists to be there slowing them down.

    What kind of routes would you be taking a kid on around you? Is it purely functional A-B travel or more leisure riding?

  • I think it is also very useful to point out that often driving and walking feel safer than cycling but aren't actually much different from cycling, relatively speaking. Cycling does have a sightly higher risk associated but nobody ever gives you shit for driving kids around or crossing the road with a pram... Despite the risks.

  • I do a bit of both with my son, but I try and take him to kindergarten or pick him up as much as I can on the bike. It’s not far, but it’s also during school drop off time for everyone else as well... which means distracted parents in cars.

    Related, saw this going out of the door at a friends shop today. So into it.

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  • This thing as well.

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  • I think this is the next logical step for me.

  • i might sell my Riese and Muller Multicharger

  • Hey, apologies for my vacant look when I saw you on Vicky road the other day.

    Topically, I was distracted by a pranny in a bmw that was shouting at me for not having been on the cycle lane at that bit where the cycle lane is virtually unusable.

    Mrs M_V has started riding to work to avoid public transport and while I’m still furloughed I’m riding with her.

    Interestingly it was me, on the cargo bike that held the driver’s attention much more than her on her ‘normal’ bike. Kind of opposite of reports on here of cargo bikes getting more room.

    I think if I was choosing a route into town I’d avoid Vicky rd at least until the cycle lanes are finished as there definitely seems to be an expectation for you to use them, regardless of how difficult/impossible that might be but she hasn’t got the confidence to ride on roads that don’t have cycle lanes (Ie Kilmarnock road) especially since there was that fatality at the junction in the Bungo last year.

  • the road type I feel the least safe on is the single-lane rural A or B road linking towns together

    I totally agree with this. Maybe it’s my inexperience but cycling outside of London seems more often than not totally inhospitable to me. I might do it if I’m on my own or with a friend but feel severely hampered by the insecurity of it when wanting to go anywhere with my son. When I’ve had to we are often restricted to pootling along on the pavement - which i find is often about 5inches wide and in a bad state- until it vanishes randomly before reappearing further down the road.

  • Should be a nationwide default, if the cycle lane isn't finished and able to be used, there should be massive 10 foot tall letters to be painted every 20 feet on the road saying 'bikes are on the road because there is no viable alternative, calm down you absolute bells'.

    Every single time I go south side (no matter which bike) I get 'taught a lesson' by some prick in a white bmw/audi/mercedes for not using the flooded/frozen over/has a white bmw parked 100% inside it/full of cones/turned over glass bank/not actually built yet cycle lane. Keep feeling segregated lanes are going to help, but then actual experience is they seem to drive more a wedge between 'us and them'.

    On a positive note, converted a few folk from 3 wheel cargo's into 2 wheel cargo's. All had similar tippy over problems and unable to fit into some of the cycle infrastructure we have in Glasgow.

  • Sorry for the thread de-rail, seems that most people feel the same. Every lane is a cycle lane.

  • Whilst I love the forward-cargo Omium/Bullit design, I'm seeing lots of affordable rear-cargo designs like the Kona Ute and Yuba. I've not seen nearly as much in the way of custom build or mods for those designs though. Is that because there are less options?

  • Interestingly it was me, on the cargo bike that held the driver’s attention much more than her on her ‘normal’ bike. Kind of opposite of reports on here of cargo bikes getting more room.

    ditto. when I'm on a regular bike I get the 'regular' treatment from car drivers. When I'm blocking up their road with my cargo bike they get REALLY ANGRY. almost every week I'm reporting a close pass where they just can't wait till it's safe... and then there's the filtering thing - on a bike I'm just taking advantage of a narrow space. On my cargo bike I'm trying to push in & they get REALLY ANGRY.

  • Same.

    I think I want a Big Dummy with the Clydesdale fork, like I posted above.

  • Hi and sorry if this has been covered’s a long thread and I’ve done my best but still not 100% sure..can I ask the following advice?....
    I want an Omnium Cargo in XL and need a way of fitting twins on the front. Although I could get a Bullitt (and I have ridden one), it’s a bit longer which is an issue in my house, it also doesn’t seem like it will be as good for someone tall with long legs! I would be keen to fit a twin seat or box type seat to the front, sitting side by side ideally. Riding with my elder son on the crossbar the last couple years has been great so front facing forward is my preference.
    Any help and advice must appreciated!

  • No worries dude, I've been on your end of the vacant stare often.

    Vicky Rd can't get finished soon enough. I think (parts of) the council have their hearts in the right place but it's been what, 3+and years since funding was approved? A 3km stretch of road should never ever take that long to build.

  • @Ifonlyiwerebelgian I carry my child on a mini-max too, on a very similar set-up than @t0-ster. I originally planned to use the top bit of a trailer à la @HousecatHST but I didn't like it that much after all.
    I'll probably go for a full fat one some day, but the mini-max is so good I'm not in a rush. I do not own a car and have carried large items on it, and it's a bit easier to live with because of the size.

    Try one for size if you can, I wish I went for the next size up.

  • Try one for size if you can, I wish I went for the next size up.

    Second this. I’m about 6ft (182 cm), Omnium reccomend a medium but it was too small when I tested one

  • Big fan of the big dummy for kid carrying - regularly have my 2 on the back plus scooters and all the crap you need to carry.

  • Is this mostly in your North Polar London? I've only ridden cargo bikes in London on a couple of occasions, but I concluded quickly that it's best if you don't filter. Admittedly, when I've ridden a Brox four-wheeler, that wasn't possible, anyway, but with others, too (e.g., an 8Freight), I felt as if the size of my vehicle made filtering feel considerably more rude. Having said that, I was never in any particular hurry, and certainly wouldn't judge people who are doing a job.

  • Yes, I've only ridden my cargo bike in N.London. I don't filter anymore, even if there's loads of room as it just seems to antagonist motorists. Rarely a week goes by when I don't report a close pass - today's one was a van overtaking while I was turning right ffs

  • What voltage is your bafang?

    All of his profiles are for 48/52v. Mine is 36..

    Did you just change the speed limit to 100% to get the 'limitless' vibe?

  • oh @M_A_X and @jon.

    Installed bafang, 350w, unrestricted no brake sensors, working beautifully! Thank you both.

  • Does anyone want to buy an unused Shutterprecision x halo 20" wheel?

    Rim brake only..


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  • I just got an email from bullit about a double children's seat.

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Cargo Bikes

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