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  • Is that 451 or 406 wheels?

  • I dont know - can you tell by looking at the gallery?­y/

    This will be my first disc bike...

  • There is a picture in the gallery with a Schwalbe Big Ben plus that only comes in 406.

  • Ace ISO detectering!

  • Not personally but when I was getting the death wobble on my homemade cycle truck I did some reading to see how people solved it which ended up with me realising it was a very common problem with cycle trucks. The petit porteur was mentioned in a few places as suffering pretty badly with it when carrying any load.

    1. no, it didn't
    2. i didn't, cable discs.. just used the levers that came with it, which are rubbish - they have the wrong pull, need to change it at some point
  • Are we talking brake sensors as in cut off switches?

  • Ah ok, i have spare levers if you want ;) i am using hydro

  • Hmm, interesting... maximum loads for me would probably be two small people, a balance bike, a skateboard and a picnic... precious cargo - death wobble sounds sub optimal...

    it seemed like an attractive price for the frame set and front carrier... will have to get my french dictionary out and do some more reading!

    Cheers 👍🏻

  • I reckon they're fairly pointless.
    Unless you pedal while you brake,
    This is a pedelec right?

  • Bafang with no gear sensor (alfine) .. how will the motor stop? Just stop pedalling?

  • I mean, if I'm braking, I'm not usually pedalling

  • Valid point.

  • Rodford Big Billy is a similar thing made in the UK, though I'm unsure of its predisposition to death wobbling

  • I've not spoken to anyone that's ridden one and then spoken highly of the handling.

    @retrodirect/glowbike is a flipping cad wizard but gave up after making a couple due to the handling. @zigbit made one that had it but he was able to reduce it by reducing the size of the rack.

    Which reminds me, job for after coffee...

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  • I wouldn't ride without cut-off sensors personally.

    The bafang's assist is definitely a bit delayed sometimes / continues after you've stopped peddaling.

    I think i'm going to get some sensors to use with normal levers, not a big fan on hydro

  • The bafang's assist is definitely a bit delayed sometimes / continues after you've stopped peddaling.

    You can change that with a USB cable though, as well as making the assist a bit more natural at higher cadences.

  • are you running with the brake sensors? got a pic of your setup? Looking at inspo for cable neatness.

  • Negative, no brake sensors. I ride it slightly different to a regular bike (particularly with a deraulleur setup), but it hasn't posed any big issues yet, but I haven't ridden it in much traffic. @pryally has a lot more miles on one than me, and had lots of great advice when I was considering what to go for.

    It's possible to tidy up the cables with a little top tube bag. I need to get some extra bottle bosses drilled for the battery (atm it's held on with two bottle cage adapters and some hose clips: seems sturdy but untidy), then I think I'll get a custom full-triangle framebag to contain the cables and battery to neaten it all up.

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  • not a big fan on hydro

    Mkay, why?

  • I can confirm that the handling on my DIY cycletruck was dire (terrible wobble loaded or unloaded) until I significantly reduced the size of the rack. Rides well now but cargo capacity is a lot lower. Still more stable than a front rack on a fork. Next cargo bike will be an Omnium style one with a small headtube up front and a steering linkage (is that the plan for yours @M_V ?)
    Before and after.

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  • very nice!

    I am guessing all the excessive cables are in the alpkit bag?

  • good tip - cheers, I'll give them a shout!

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Cargo Bikes

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