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  • I bought that dutch rustbucket because my car is dead and the new commuter only has a small front rack, and is to nice to leave somewhere.
    The guy I bought the bakfiets from also had a nicer one. If I spend 5 more minutes cleaning this one up I should have bought the nicer one...

    @psg1ben its for that thing, just looking for a used rearwheel thats not completely rusty and want to know if they are really bad for some reason.

  • Nexus are fine for a cargo bike- my Kr8 has a Nexus 8, which is fine, if slightly draggier than the Alfine (IIRC Nexus premiums have roller clutches like the Alfine so are better).

  • Ok, thanks. Guess its nexus for me anyway as they seem to be the ones that come with rollerbrakes.

  • I'm sure this has been asked before but is there a consensus on the family friendly go to in the cargo bike world?

    I'm 6'1 and my wife's a little under 5'3, she seems more comfortable with the 3 wheel style to not worry about toppling but happy to hear opinions on 2 wheel options. Thinking e assist is the way to go but is there a stand out option? If it was just for me I'd probably go for a bullitt or omnium but from what I've seen I think the nihola might be a good option?

  • find test rides if you can. two wheels handle way better than 3. bullit, douze, reise and muller all good.

    Avoid Urban Arrow, really really heavy for what they are, and expensive.

  • How many kids are you carrying? We’ve got 3, so ended up ordering the Babboe City Mountain. It’s a long 2 wheeler, with a decent motor that powers up the hills.

    Babboe do some trikes and shorter 2 wheelers too.

    We test rode (and bought) from Carry Me who rent them out too.

  • Just one but were planing on getting a dog soon. (and me wife wants another kid pretty soon)

    Good to know about Carry Me as all the cargo places seemed to be out west and I was worried about how we'd get a test ride in at the moment.

  • They’ll refund you the hire cost if you buy through them, so we ended up trying a couple for a week at a time. It’s a good way to see what works for you. A test ride doesn’t really let you work out parking, loading different configurations, etc.

  • Cool, that seems perfect I'll give them a call. Thanks

  • Ha, love the little nerf bars!

  • If someone interested, I am selling the full alfine 8 gate groupset for Bullitt, including HvsL larry harry drop out and Magura brakes !­59/#comment15425101

  • New rear wheel for the crago biek. Was a budget 36h mtb wheel which made me nervous when loaded. Now is a hench A-Rims rim with thick gauge stainless spokes and some 2.3” Kenda jump bike tyre which had the sort of tread I was looking for.

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  • ^ Any idea what mudguards those are?

  • They look like Curana C-lite

  • Also any idea which maxxis tyres they are?

    And size?

    I have a 1.95 on the back and it's tight af, don't think I'd be able to get a mudguard on.

    Look rad

  • It's a DTH on the rear and a Grifter up front.

    @MisterMikkel Thanks

  • Belt-drive pinion with a hub-motor and no shift sensor mechanism to choke the assist sounds like a total nightmare.

    :EDIT: as luck would have it, my boss rode this bike at the last Eurobike - he said the shifting was fine as the gearing and the drive of the hub motor are independent.

  • what middirve is that?

  • It's a Pinion P1.18

  • Thanks!

    Seems the DTH comes in 2.15 and 2.3.

    I reckon it'll be a squeeze! Perhaps need to add a link and sit the wheel further back in the drop outs

  • @M_A_X two questions;

    1. did the magnet foul the speed sensor on your bullitt?
    2. how did you attach the hydraulic brake sensors? Magnets esp?
  • Anyone have any experience with these?­-le-petit-porteur-frame-set-with-front-r­ack.html#/26-frame_color-black Thinking of getting one for dad bike duties

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Cargo Bikes

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