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  • Yep, wouldn't leave a cargo bike anywhere outdoors for an extended period of time.

    every time they park up - anywhere?

    But when doing multiple drops I'll leave the battery locked in there.

  • I used a Centaur to do deliveries for a bit, battery locked to it's mount, inside a locking box, very handy for leaving it on.

  • at several hundred quid a go...
    I was advised to never leave the battery on the bike. Also makes it much more difficult to steal.

    My worry is that some scally will try & ride off & bust a load of spokes. Then I won't be able to move it

  • On that point, something to quickly lock/immobilise a rear wheel that isn't a cafe lock would be good.
    I'm picturing a schlumpf that locks the cranks or some kind of disc lock

  • I just use a d lock through the chain stay, wheel then out and locked over one crank arm in line with the chainstays

  • Heard from a friend volunteering whilst furloughed at a food/meal bank in SE22. They’re currently delivering on foot, and got in touch to see if I had a trailer, which unfortunately I don’t....
    ...long shot, but does anyone know of a freecycle/long-loan trailer about? Or a do-er-upper that I can repair?

  • I have the forum trailer atm. You can borrow it for a bit if you like.

  • Amazing, thank you for the kind offer -there’s a few unknowns I’m looking into, so I’ll hold off accepting straight away ....thinking that a 2 week loan would prove it‘s worth (hopefully), and go from there. Be in touch when I hear back from my friend

  • "I have the forum trailer "

    There's a Forum trailer!

  • I asked about this a while back. The only commercial cargo-bike specific insurance I can find was through "Yellow Jersey" & it worked out £315 for the year. Anyone else know better? There seems to be more of a choice on the continent but they don't operate here

  • Went camping with my cargo bike the other night. So nice to be able to just chuck a pile of stuff in it.

    Probably the most weight I’ve had in it though and really highlights the handling issues. Not sure whether to try and fix this one or just start over with another frame.

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  • Been a while since I was on here, but it’s nice to be back.
    A mate of mine and I have launched a zero emission delivery firm. We’ve started with an electric van and Urban arrow XL.
    Based in Hackney, cover most of London.
    Here is the fleet.
    We’ll be hopefully looking for riders / fitters / operatives soon so will advertise on the jobs forum.
    Happy to offer forum discounts for anything that needs carrying.
    I’m looking for an Omnium mini-Max or cargo to add to the fleet. Please let me know if anyone has anything coming up for sale.

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  • Nice. Godspeed!

  • I saw the cargo bike near viccy park the other day. Made my Omnium look tiny! :)

  • @BRP She’s a beast for sure. No nipping around, but adds an element of calm to one’s journey.

  • Been trawling this and the mumndad threads for a while, so I'm gonna ask on here: has anyone seen or know of any front-facing kid seats (age 3+) for the Omnium? Either OTP or self build/modded?

  • Anyone have/had an Omnium mini? Thinking of getting one

  • Another Cargo-bike. Lightweight and again with a folding rack. Pictured here at the top of a scottish tenement stairwell.

    Got a few wee jobs to do to it and then will upload more photographs to:

  • I've known two people with them, both sold them as they didn't like how they handled.

    The mini-max however is fantastic.

  • So good - folding cargo bed is an amazing idea

  • Probably the most weight I’ve had in it though and really highlights the handling issues. Not sure whether to try and fix this one or just start over with another frame.

    I stopped building cycle-trucks after the third. The handling is difficult to get right on them as the weight balance changes so much between being loaded and unloaded due to the fact that the rack overhangs the front contact point.

    Getting the weight higher and further back seems to help for handling, but then you lose a load of space.

    Getting the steering on a linkage so that the weight is always between the wheels helps so much. If you're smart about the design you can get the overall length to nearly the same length as a cycle-truck anyway.

    My big pink cargo can be ridden no-hands even with someone sitting on the front rack. My old cycletrucks no way you could be no hands with even the lightest load. (I've not tried it on the latest one yet)

    p.s you need to come down visit the workshop soon.

  • I've been thinking I might move the fork forward and do a steering linkage on this one.

    Reckon I can fit a small headtube either right at the front of the boom or at least underneath the load area like a Mini-Max.

    I also have another frame that might be a potential for conversion.

    Clem's one looks real nice.

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Cargo Bikes

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