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  • We have a Pitlock security skewer on front dynohub to save locking that up separately to keep things simpler as on our Douze you can get pretty messy locking front wheel to frame in the winter, plus it's a bit of a faff as it's low down due to 20" wheel size.

    We then have x2 locks permanently on the bike. Abus Granite Bordo X-Plus which is mounted on the bottle mounts which is OK just to immobilise bike, but they are super-short in practice and they can be a pain to use to get to lock bike/frame to something. Our main lock is an English Chains Thatcham/Solid Secure rated motorcycle lock I had left over from my motorcycling days. it has inner tube over the links to help silence it and I store it in x2 cut-up wetsuit legs which is then stored behind the folded seat so doesn't take up too much room. When the little one is in the bike it doesn't get in the way (fits behind him) and doesn't make much noise unless the padlock bit has fallen out the end and knocks on base board.

    Don't skimp on locks and lock it up properly each time! In West London so plenty of scallys around...

  • I've never had my Pitlocks 'tested' yet. Have you noticed signs of tampering? We live in a city that has lots of bike theft, but most thieves around here will move on if they see an orange Krypto or better. A newish problem is cutting up bikes for the tubing to make zip guns with; no lock can deal with that obviously.

  • newish problem is cutting up bikes for the tubing to make zip guns with

    What's this?

  • No signs of any tampering yet. Have also put them on the wife’s bike to make locking it up a simpler task and eliminate the need for two locks. Not cheap mind, but cheaper than a new wheel!

    If someone’s determined to get your bike, they will. A sad sight for me is always a failed theft where they have destroyed the frame trying to steal it and just left the busted bike behind...

  • Improvised firearms, often just as dangerous to the user as the intended victim.

  • I think they're good products and add a bit of peace of mind to my day out for sure.

  • My boss insisted on never locking any of the Bullitts we had at my old work in Leeds.One went missing for about an hour but turned up not far away. I also caught some bloke trying to nick one and chased the fucker down the road to get it back. Absolutely mental that he didn't bother locking several thousand pounds worth of bike.

  • I'm moving back to the UK (from Oslo) and we are wondering if a Bullitt will work in rural wales (Crickhowell). Will we struggle to park it and ride it in a small town? We are thinking of selling it and getting a Tern GSD instead, bit more compact and can still take our two kids on the back and stuff it in a car/ train.

  • Not really posting anything informative other than to say I picked up my Bullit from Seabass at the weekend and its an hilarious amount of fun. Thanks to Amey for talking me into it. Off for a bivvy weekend on it this weekend. Next up to make a board for it with some 9mm ply.

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  • What a beautiful part of the world you're moving too... but then again I'm Welsh so slightly biased :)

    Bullitt vs. Tern, either will be absolutely fine. Both you'll get funny stares from locals! :) depends on how much you're wanting to get on a train with the bike or transport it in the car. I would keep the Bullitt and see how you get on. Also depends on the age of your kids and if you have a canopy on the Bullitt/want to use the bike all year round. Also do you have somewhere dry & secure for a wide & 2.5m long bike?

  • Looking forward to getting some funny stares, we will be known quickly as the local family with mad bikes. I have a surly longtail as well so I'm sure will stand out. We have a canopy on the Bullitt, vital in the winter here in Oslo when its gets super cold and would be very useful in the Welsh rain. Our initial rental place has space for the bullitt but it looks a bit awkward to get in and out, that is one of our main concerns. We have no idea how long it will take to find + buy a house, need a double garage to fit in all the bikes.

  • @amey (yeah yeah I know, don’t at me etc) you got a Bullitt in the end didn’t you? Have you posted a pic of it yet? Apols if yes, I don’t recall seeing it.

  • Don't sell your Bullitt, at least not with out trying to see if it integrates into your new life first.

  • Hope the rental space works out for you guys. You'll get to meet lots of locals through cycling around on your "crazy" bikes :). A good canopy on a cargo bike is vital in my opinion. We leave ours fitted 95% of the time. We had an usually wet winter in London and not once did our boy ever get wet or cold, unlike his dad! :) It's also useful for holding all the shopping inside as since COVID we cannot get delivery slots from our supermarket so I've been enjoying heading to the supermarket at 06:00am and filling the bike up with a pretty full trolley... Not sure how it all fits in sometimes! :)

  • Here you go! Love it :D

  • Just spent the last hour being very kindly offered to test ride the Bullitt and Omnium Mini Max at Velogut here in Berlin. Was awesome.

    I'm renting both on Wednesday to go round the parks with the little one in the car seat strapped up front!

  • Please post up pics! I'm looking for a Bullitt currently

  • Got a cargo-related question over here, if anyone knows about the strengths of plastics:­

  • Fairly set on a packster 80 with a custom canopy. It's the only bike I can find with enough space for 2 kids and shopping that comes with my preferred config of gates carbon drive and Bosch set up.

    Test ridden it and happy with how it rides too, even if not quite so fun as a ebullit

  • Which gearhub?

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Cargo Bikes

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