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  • What was the old price?

  • fuck knows, I only pass judgements

  • 26 x 2.0 & 20(proper 20, 406) x 2.2 work pretty well for me. Then again I'm barely riding anything but the usual road surfaces.

  • 700 x 1.75 and 20(451) x 1.85 feel just right for me...nice and fast, but still comfy.

  • The price for the new framset is 36 £ higher than the old one..

  • I can’t tell from the pictures but I understand from there instagram that the new omnium is now bolt through front and rear too which I think is a good call. At times under a heavy loads mine does feel a bit flex in the rear end.

  • Good enough

  • Coming from a product development background, I'm surprised they don't charge more.

  • Now Lockdown is easing, where's the best place in London (preferably south) to test ride a bullit or similar? Want my missus to try one so, we can work out whether she'd use it with jnr if/when I get one on the cycle to work scheme.

  • Speak to London Green Cycles. a few years back (around 4 years now) They turned up at our house so we could test ride x3 different styles of bikes where we lived enabling us to cycle around all the roads we'd be riding along on a daily basis. Can't remember what we paid, but if we bought a bike from them it was fully refunded.

    We had already shortlisted the bikes down to Bakfiets, Bullitt and Douze and didn't want electric assist. Super important for the other-half to test ride as there is no point in having a family bike that my wife was not happy riding. The Douze won the contest! :)

  • talk about sag wagon

  • Omnium have a new child seat on the way, removable without tools, not sure if it’ll fit on a minimaxi yet, really hope it does.

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  • weird sitting position

  • Yeah, perhaps, it’s kind of the same position my daughter is in the bike trailer I use on the cargo deck of my omnium, she been happy for a couple of hours like that.

  • Yea it'll fit the mini max. Rack is same size just without the horns. The only thing is the front wheel is directly under the rack so it'll be less stable, especially when straddling the bike or on the kickstand (like you know all about). Another thing about the mini max is the top of the steerer is right where you'd sit. These are pretty much always the case with the mini max though.

    Its wonderful having kiddo face you, but when they are old enough to use this seat, it may be different. If your bars are high enough / your kid is low enough to not get hit when steering, the kid could face forwards, or skoot the backrest a bit further forwards so a turning bar wont reach. Extender bar for a foot rest :)

  • Due to take collection of a Bullit soon (thanks for the advice Amey). Just thinking ahead and wondering what people use to lock in public places? Was thinking of a decent D-lock through rear wheel to frame but any suggestions of long chain like lock for swinging round lampposts etc?

  • Pragmasis chain and squire lock

  • Should have just WhatsApp’d you.

  • Good general knowledge

  • Just fill the front with locks? I couldn’t ride a nice bike around London

  • The good thing about a cargo bike is that you don't care all that much that you're carrying stuff. An extra beefy chain lock or super heavy heavy d lock won't matter. I use a large kryptonite d lock for my Douze, which actually locks through the frame and a Sheffield stand okay. Not London though ...

  • My Bakfiets has a nurse's lock and I use a BFO Abus chain; have never had a problem in Cambridge (or the West Mids, but biek-thievery-wise Cambridge is closer to London's famous London). The nice thing about cargo bikes is that an extra few kilos of lock doesn't really make a difference, and they can just rattle around in the bottom of the box until required...

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Cargo Bikes

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