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  • I'm in Surrey darling

  • Get a motor

  • In fact just buy a car

  • West Midlands, so much of a muchness IME. Though cargo bikes probably have a higher WTF factor round these parts...

  • You could use the sideboard and base board, but It would be uncomfortable and also a tight fit. The box use is significantly wider than the bike giving more space. It has a bench seat. Usually there's blankets in there to make it cozy. No canopy.

    It is a fantastic cargo box that you can really abuse. I regularly use it for terrible things such as bricks, sand, firewood, garden and yard waste.

    The sides come off and it becomes a flat bed.

    I've posted ad nauseum on here about it.

  • They've already announced the new frames and forks with clearance for fatter tyres with guards.

    Aw yiss!

  • i will probably be getting a bullit with a custom made box for my two kids ( 7 months and 2.7 years, neither of them at all small for their age...)

    @BrickMan mentioned there is a guy in Stirling who does them from ply.

  • Thru axle only though.

  • Which is an improvement imo :)

  • Not if you want an IGH, otherwise yes

  • True, you could always splash out for a rohloff through axle hub though ;-)

  • Tempt me not, satan

  • Thru axle only though.


  • Not if you want an IGH, otherwise yes

    Upgrade to Rohloff lol

  • Busted out the 20 today. Forgot about it.

    The hyperdramatic photo is a joke. Cool bike though.

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  • Folding bikes thread >>>>

  • I'm looking to get an Omnium Mini or something of similar size and load capacity to transport heavy loads through the city. Am I better off buying direct from source, a UK stockist, or second hand? Will this impact any future servicing the bike may require?

    Any recommendations or pointers for a beginner you lot have would be great. Alternatively, please feel free to politely point me in the direction of your favourite 'cargo bikes for dummies' website and I'll get cracking after I'm done with these 193 pages! Cheers.

  • Buying in UK you can deal with that shop direct instead of having to send back to Copenhagen. But unlikely you will have any "omnium" type issues, more likely just regular component issues which you can use your in country shimano distributor for (Madison)
    We sell Omnium (soemtimes), but suggest get it from wherever is closest, quite a few dealers around now, none will sell any cheaper unless your maybe a mate (slim margins, it aint a carrera/voodoo/pinnacle!).
    Size can be an issue, many folk size up if they are not quite sure whether to go for size a or size b. Being able to see one and ride a demo unit is handy (we don't have a demo yet either lol, full cargo in purple coming soon hopefully!).

  • If you want Omnium go to Paradise Cycles on roman road in Bethnal Green, amazing people runs it.

  • Just had this reply

    Hello Mr mcamb

    We can’t recondition Bosch batteries. They’re protected by the manufacturer, and we can’t have spare parts.

    Best regards


  • Where are you based?

    We're (Velo Domestique) in Dorset and Omnium stockists with a Mini-Max and Cargo demo bikes if you wanted to give them a try. Agree with @BrickMan though, find your nearest dealer and buy through them, if you contact Omnium that's what they encourage.

  • there is a guy in Stirling who does them from ply.

    Do let me know if you get the contact info for the guy

  • the fat tyre Omnium is here and at €1244 for frameset they're having a laugh

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Cargo Bikes

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