Cargo Bikes

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  • Ha, yeah that was me.

    I'll nod next time - wasn't sure if it was you :)

  • £450-600, display is also missing. Don't think they are coded but could be wrong.

  • Best price I found for batteries was with a french company called DoctiBike.
    They can also get chargers / displays, etc...

  • Do they do knockoff Bosch batteries?

  • Anyone ridden the new Yuba El Mundo? My dad is thinking about one.

  • I think you're old enough to ride your own bike now.

  • They can refurb batteries too if you have an old one.

    I found them pleasant to deal with and their prices were the best I found for my MPF Drive e-assist.

    The person is called Adrien
    Phone: + 33 9 67 04 31 33

  • Excellent, saved for future

  • As we’re on the subject of refurbs- I’d like to recommend these guys­

    Used several times and had drive units returned that look and feel like new. Will definitely be using again in future.

  • Has anyone used a Bullit with slightly older kids? Thinking of Larry vs Harry with a two and four year old.

    Sorry - for some reason that became a reply to Amey, but it's a general question.

  • Two kids in a bullitt is quite common.

    I can measure the canopy for you if you want.

  • They'd fit, not cramped but definitely snug. The kiddos would have to cooperate. You'd struggle to fit much beyond a soccer ball in it at the time, unless the 2 year old agreed to squeezing in.

  • I eagerly await the day in which Ominium realizes cargo bikes always benefit from fat tires.

  • They've already announced the new frames and forks with clearance for fatter tyres with guards.

  • The kiddos would have to cooperate.

    Could be the flaw in the plan

    Do you have to do the canopy, or can you do sideboards, baseboard and seat with kids?

  • I'm mulling this over too. I have a 2month and a 3yo and would like some longevity. Concerns are space and cooperation.

  • buying a cargo bike for kids is such a weird experience, its the most money you will spend on a bike (arguably) yet a test ride doesent really hold any value unless you can rent one for a week or so and see how the kids react.

    There are some shops who do long term rentals/longer test rides worth looking at IMO. My kid started being in cargo (in a car seat) at 4 months old and 4 months since then she LOVES it.

    Motor/eAssist is essential with two kids IMO.

  • Motor/eAssist is essential with two kids IMO.

    Good to know.

    My daughter lover being in a front seat then when she got bigger and moved to the back she's hated it.

  • I got on fine without e-assist and two kids; the Nexus 8 on my bakfiets allowed me to twiddle up most things and crack along on the flat at evens if I had to. OTOH, it's a limousine not a sports car, and happiest cruising along at an average pace. Did keep me fit, mind - the best cycling form I was ever in was when I was doing 75 bakfiets miles a week...

  • I had same thinking but in london when sometimes you HAVE to ride with traffic an assist can really make a huge diff to feel safer esp with a child.

    I am putting a bafang on the bullitt soon.

  • Yeah, that's a fair point. Though cargo bikes still have enough of a WTF factor for drivers that they mostly give you a wide berth, at least round these parts...

  • London drivers are diff level of cunts

  • London drivers are diff level of cunts

    You say that, but I grew up in London and I have no problem dealing with London drivers. Surrey drivers (where I live now, out on the outskirts), now there’s a different level of cunt I didn’t know people could be like...

    Edit: But I can see where you’re coming from. Round here the roads are that little bit wider so there’s that little bit more space for people to get round you. I haven’t actually ridden a cargo in London, only normal bikes which are considerably smaller. When on motorised stuff years ago I did generally prefer the additional space a 125 would allow you to make over a 50cc bike.

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Cargo Bikes

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