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  • This means you're relying on the motor all of the time and essentially using your pedalling as a throttle

    Is it not the case for all heavy duty cargo bikes though? A R&M Packster 80 with all the trimmings must be at least 45kg unloaded, it's definitely not designed to be ridden at any time without the assist.

    Super informative post anyhow.

  • that was the reason I didnt get R&M .. nice but mad heavy which means 100% motor reliance. I only tried the packster 40. Wonder what eBullitt weighs.

  • Does anyone have experience of cargo bikes that can take 6 or so children? Seen a few but be good to get some input from users

    It’s for our nursery to ferry kids around on outings so needs to be pretty bomb proof. And probably electrified.

  • Making wonderful memories. Makes me really wish I’d had access to a cargo bike when my mini me was this small :)

  • could easily fit six in a UA tender - I ferried around 4 adults in this thing 😂

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  • That's full on!

    I was thinking more in these terms:

  • My ebullitt from @BrickMan has the 8 speed alfine. To be honest with the assist on the ebikes, a 5 speed nexus would have been better, fewer shifts, more reliable and belt drive. The hub is specifically designs for the steps system loads. The fewer shifting option is also really helpful if you use it in auto. I don't see the huge benefit of giving up the di2 integration for the rohloff.

    Another positive for the IGH is it can autoshift down when stopped to your designated starting gear. For me this is gear 2.

  • are both alfine and nexus compatible with gates drive?

    I will have to start looking into what a custom box/canopy costs as everything else seems to be pointing towards the ebullit but i don't think they make a box big enough for me.

  • Both are theoretically compatible with gates drive, but the nexus option may comes with it (based on their website pictures, but no reference to gates). I think that LvH now only sell eBullitt's with the option of 11-speed alfine or 5-speed version and have discontinued the 8-speed alfine. The 5 speed comes with belt drive, the 11speed alfine with a chain. You'd need a new motor unit chainring etc to convert the alfine, plus no autogear shifting and the durability issues.

  • so nexus bullit looking the best option, good to know!

  • On the topic of boxes I know there are a number of third party ones you can get that sit wider than the frame of the bike, this probably is the best solution for you. I'll invite you to a bullitt group on fb where you can get a lot of information. This is handy as many of the best aftermarket products come from German specialist sites you might not come across on google.

  • There's the creatively-named cargobike from Sweden, and Christiana do a six-seater for daycare too.

  • On the topic of the (5 speed) nexus, would this hub fit within the confines of a 120mm steel frame?

  • The 5 speed nexus hubs are as far as I can tell all 135mm OLN.

  • amazing, thanks!

  • Looking for parking brake solutions for hydraulic disc brakes.. Is there a hack or bodge I can do fairly easily to modify Shimano levers?

  • Yeah sorry, thought it might be overkill! 😅

  • Brake band? ( literally a rubber band or something)

  • Yeah I know but was wondering about removing spacers, I believe you could on the older models.

  • Literally a toe strap around the bars, or a reusable zip tie. Have made use of that when parking cargo bike + trailer on anything other than flat ground

  • Are there any tax saving/leasing schemes for individuals to get a cargo bike at the moment, or any talk about something coming in the future?

  • In Scotland there is a interest free financing scheme on eCargo bikes

    Otherwise could get one on cycle to work for tax savings.

  • ‘Green commute initiative’ also worth a look

  • Thanks for the handbrake suggestions. That bodge using an integrated gear shifter is really quite ingenious!

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Cargo Bikes

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