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  • My old kona ute used to shimmy like no other above about 15mph! Could barely ride it above 20!

  • Could maybe chuck one of those spring things / steering dampers onto the fork?

  • Assuming you’ve got the same head tube angle as the bmx, I guess being able to ride your cycle truck with no hands depends on whether you could ride the original bmx no handed with that wheel and tyre. If you never had the original bike, you might never know.

    Can you do a plot to see where the contact patch is on the ground? Draw a line through the head tube centre and it should pass through the contact patch +/- not too much. If it’s way forward or backward of that, the handling will suffer.

  • Thing is, even a finger placed on the bars cancelled it out.

    I got it up to like 38mph and it was fine.

  • Frame was originally a mtb frame. All the green areas are the new metal I put in. I never had the frame built up before doing the modifications.

    Edit: I think bmx frames would, at least nowadays, have slightly steeper head angles, more like 74-76deg but that’s not much eh?

    I’ll measure it up and plot it out on the computer and see where things are.

  • Yeah, thought I might need something like that. Might see if I can rig something up to dampen it without buying anything first.

  • Cane creek viscoset upper might do the trick then!

  • I built a cycle truck from an old Dawes galaxy, mega shimmy at any speeds above about 15, I put it down the skinny tubes and 1” headset. I built a fake bullit before and that’s super stable with similar ht angles. Someone put a computerised thing on Instagram about cycle truck geometry. Maybe haulin Colin or Eerder metal works

  • Took it out this morning unloaded and it rides ‘no bad’.

    Wondering if I can rig something up with an inner tube around the fork legs and rack or something. ViscoSet looks pretty interesting though, cheers for that recommendation @R.hobbs.

  • Have seen another company use them on particular sized models that just happened to have some wobble and it resolves it nicely. Pricey no doubt

  • Ooft yeah they are a bit pricey eh? Will definitely see what I can bodge first then!

    Guess they are a much neater solution than the spring under the downtube type of damper though eh?

  • That's turned out great! Love the wooden bung/rack as well

  • Now that's what I'm talking about! 😍
    My custom made titanium mini-loop bars are finally here, and already fitted to my titanium Omnium cargo!
    Only 60cm wide at the tips, no rise, old school 25.4 clamp.
    Just enough width for controlling a loaded bike, but still narrow enough to fit through the gaps...and I finally have my favourite aero position on my work bike now too! 😜

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  • Because I wanted custom made, a bit of give, and the frameset is ti, so seemed like a good match.
    It's easier to find custom made bars in ti than in carbon... Which is the flavour of Jones bar I have on my 29er.

  • Curious that an equivalent couldn’t be found in alu or steel. But matchy, ok.

  • Why 25.4?
    Ah, I do remember you saying cargo won't be very large/heavy

  • I've actually never had an issue with 25.4mm feeling flexy on any bike. My mtbs used that size for decades and they never felt flexible.
    I'm not exactly a heavily built gorilla swinging on my bars either. :)


    Any thoughts?

    I have a spare bike this could
    Bolt straight to for fun

  • Seems like fitting the fork in there is going to take up a fair bit of space. So you’ll end up with either a standard sized cargo bike with little capacity or a bike that’s longer than usual and therefor, I’d have thought, more unwieldy.

    What does a Bullit frameset cost?

  • Are there any universal plywood or similar front crates for drop-front long john style bikes? I’m feeling like I’m not actually going to get around to building one until it’s too late and maybe I should just buy one. What’s out there? From memory, I think the load area is 850mm long so it’s a teeny bit longer than a Bullitt.

  • @Mickie_Cricket is going to make something

  • Get it and report back! ;-)

  • bullitt frameset about £1500, issue is it wont fit round the back of my house, the front is used for stuff we cant/dont want to change, 2 parking spaces have cars on / are not in direct view...

    I could detach this and get it round to the back easy enough!

  • Ah ok, I guess it sounds like you are in a small group of people whose circumstances maybe mean it makes sense then? For most it'll be a compromise surely?

    Wouldn't a trailer be a good (although less instagram-able) solution for you?

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Cargo Bikes

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