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  • Cheers, glad to hear. Killer build

  • He just whacked it up by £400 😂

  • I mean it was underpriced by a fair whack, fair enough really

  • Cargo related bike question.

    I am refurbishing my Pashley Pronto, which has a brinelled headset.

    Got another 1" headset just to realise the cups that fit in the headtube are a couple of mm too small.

    The forks are definitely 1".

    Any ideas?

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  • Any ideas?

    Ask pashley?

  • I forgot this was the friendliest forum on the planet

    I have dealt with Pashley direct in the past and I will be in for a long 3 weeks wait to get an answer, that is if I chase up twice a week.

  • Is the headtube ovalised? Seems strange that it would be but can't think of any other explanation for the headset being loose.

  • Can you measure the inner diameter of the headtube?

    Also measure the headset cups that were on there

  • What's the headset? I have an unused Stronglight 1" threaded headset in a box you are welcome to try. I was told a long time ago by @scherrit that there can be some sizable variations in 1" headsets outside of the major brands. IIRC you are in NXG? I am not far away near Nunhead if that's of interest.

  • It could be a 1 1/4” headset which was a mtb size for a short period in the 90s. They usually have a 28.6mm quill and the steerer is 31.8mm OD, though.

    What you can do to work around brinelling, is take the cups out and turn them round a bit in opposite directions so that the brinelling doesn’t line up any more. It won’t be as smooth as a new headset but it also won’t keep notching into position.

  • I have measured and crossed checked the Sheldon Brown cribsheet for threaded headset.­eadsets.html

    Looks like Pashley is using a BMX headset with a 32.6mm frame cup outside diameter.

    Plenty of options on eBay, from £8 posted for steel ones like Raleigh Burner, etc...

    The decent alloy versions include Odyssey Dynatron (in steel) and Mirage MX-4 (in alloy), circa £20.

    Thanks @MCamb @Jonny69 and @Aroogah for the assistance.

    Once again, I should have measured twice and purchased once!!!

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  • Mad but given the utility nature of them a larger headset probably not a bad thing

  • I have a spare 24" Schwalbe Marathon Plus which is free to go to a good home.

    Around 40% life left. Never had a puncture in the years I rode it.

    Only changing it as I had a spare in the attic and I am servicing my Pashley Pronto.

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  • This was my work bike for a while, although it’s since been sold and ‘upgraded’ to a Mini..

  • I really enjoy the Pashley Pronto, I used to do all my Champagne deliveries on it before moving to a Douze Cargo with e-assist.

    Here is a build update with new parts fitted:

    • Carbon seatpost & bars
    • New Shimano 122mm BB & 38t Nexus chainset
    • Rear Nexus 8 speed wheel

    To finish the bike, I have ordered a new Mirage MX-4 threaded headset with sealed bearings and I need a new chain tensioner.

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  • ooooh, very nice Pete, what angles are you going for? I'm currently drawing something up too and trying to figure out what is going to feel the least shonky.

  • That Omnium drawing has 72 degree head and seat tube angles, though I expect @t0-ster has the actual angles written down somewhere :-)

    Are you going to get the brazing torch out and build one?

  • I don't know if anyone else is running tubeless on the front of their Omnium/cargo... But after being a bit disappointed with the actual inflated width of the schwalbe G one speed 20x 1.5 tyre, which comes up more like a 1.25, I was struggling to find a good quality, tubeless specific 20"(406) tyre at all, let alone bigger than 1.5...and maybe I'm late to the party here... But I only just realised the other day that Maxxis do a tubeless version of their Torch bmx racing tyre... In a 1.75" width! The mounted width is almost exactly 1.75",its really light, dual compound rubber, bigger width also means slightly bigger diameter, and best of all, they currently have 44% off on the Maxxis website! £19.99 a piece. A damn sight less than the schwalbe.
    Today will be my first day working on it, but fingers crossed I've found my perfect front tyre! :)

  • Another (more expensive, but wide) option­tcs-f1

  • More likely the TIG torch, but yes its on my build list!

    I was working to either 71 or 72º too, but I'm trying to decide whether to build a fork or use something off the shelf. BMX forks are traditionally around 32mm offset (though that seems to have changed recently), and I think I've found some carbon forks with 45mm offset. But these both give quite low trail numbers.

    Other option is to pick 'the right' amount of trail (anyone?), and build custom from that.

  • Other option is to pick 'the right' amount of trail

    Maybe a question for @Hulsroy ?

  • Quick test. The long stem and the handlebars' forward sweep means the load ends up all the way at the front, so not ideal. The general angle is also wrong, as it is the child seat is too vertical.

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  • Nice! I had no idea tubeless was a thing in bmx now.

  • Would it help if you had it facing backwards? Hard to say for sure from the pic, but it still looks a bit like the weight would be way too far forwards.

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Cargo Bikes

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