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  • I am very excited how this creature will handle.

  • This is so good. I hope to get a chance to have a full-commitment cycletruck conversion of my own someday.

  • That looks terrific, you did the welding?

  • yo dawg

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  • Speaking of "yo dawg" - would love to see a parent-kid tandem version of Angus' cycle truck above!

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  • Cheeky ask... does anyone have a tech drawing (including angles) of an Omnium mini? All I can find is the fit guide drawing online.

  • Is anyone after a set of Omnium Cargo webbing?
    I have a completely unused set which currently sells for 73 euros including shipping. (approx £67)
    Yours for £40

  • It is fillet brazed and i did it myself.

  • And leave the steering to whoever’s in the front? I admire you’re lack of fear

  • So, 7 weeks after breaking my neck I rode the cargo bike today, reasoning that shopping is not cycling in the sense the doctor meant to not do yet. Successfully scored toilet paper as well as tissues, plus found a good haul of fresh veggies from the greengrocers.

  • New pouch for fat Lizzy, £10 off ebay

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  • Sorry to post this on here but I figure that I’d have more chance enquiring on here than the wanted ad section... again.

    I’m looking for an Omnium in Large. Originally I was looking for a mini but I’d honestly consider any of their cargo bike range! I’d be happy with a frameset or full bike or even a part build bike... a minter or a minger.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that might have one for sale? Or evena shop that has a Large frameset in stock, in the UK?

    Cheers Andy

  • We can get them, but all Copenhagen stock. Afaik they are still shipping, will just be slow

  • New pouch for fat Lizzy, £10 off ebay


  • Link no worky

  • Works for me

  • just worked. I think my network was blocking it.

    EDIT: different than I was expecting. thanks for the link

  • Got our bike today. All good except they forgot to include the battery. Discbrakes are dead ⅔.

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  • Often have to use different couriers for the bike and the battery, need to declare lithium + lipo batteries now, only some couriers are insured to deal with them.

  • #reallypissedoff
    I took my cargo bike with dodgy Enviolo hub in for repair on Monday. They said they'd not come accross this problem before and would contact Enviolo. I guess Enviolo are in lock down. Looks like I'm gonna be without it for 2 or 3 months.

  • One thing the lockdown hasn't been able to stop me doing yet is bike tinkering.
    Thanks to the awesome guys at SBC cycles and their high speed wheelbuilding I now have a fully rebuilt rear wheel on the Omnom.
    Same 8 speed Alfine hub(for now), 50mm deep x 26mm wide carbon rim, Schwalbe G-One speed 1.5" tyre, Gates cdx 24t sprocket, kcnc razor rotor and centerlock adaptor, hexlox Alfine wheelnuts...set up tubeless with schwalbe tape and orange sealant.
    Also just fitted some new Time atac speciale 8 pedals.
    The Chainset is a Middleburn 'road' RO2 x-type, chosen as it gives a better belt line for the Gates, with a Middleburn outboard BB and a 50t Gates Alfine specific ring.
    Hopefully the front wheel will be ready next week. Using a 38mm deep x 26mm wide carbon rim, a Mack disc hub, and a Schwalbe G-One speed 1.5" tyre.
    All that remains then are my custom titanium 'mini Jones' loop bars to arrive and it's pretty much finished!
    I'm just grateful that at the moment I've still been able to keep hold of my second job which allows me to still ride it! ❤️

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  • Damn tasty.

    Kickstand id?

    I always question the stand lifting the rear wheel off the floor, I always think having it level so both wheels and stand legs touch is the most stable?

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Cargo Bikes

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