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  • Not originally intended for this bike but they feel great so will probably go through the hassle of getting another set.

  • I'm like that with my saddle. I had to nick the one off my English this time because I can't afford a 3rd one at almost £300 including shipping and import etc :(

  • Yeah, there is this Japanese shop Circles that have loads of good stuff not available in Europe. Will wait until I ‘need’ a few things from there again.

    Got some more silver bits on, due to an incident with a chainring.... Amazingly managed to get home, clutch mech kept the chain on.

    I’ve got pretty much a straight block on the back so might be a bit of huffing and puffing going on tomorrow.

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  • Must be the time of year... I had every single spoke in my rear wheel come completely loose after just 2 days on it. I had to buy a spoke key and re-tension the entire wheel at the side of the road and try and get it as straight as possible just so I could carry on working. Not impressed with the wheelbuild. I've never had that happen in 40 years of cycling. I'm amazed the wheel didn't collapse.

  • Cargo puts weird forces through the bike I guess. I’m still not impressed with the chainring at £100 I expected not to buy another one for quite a few years. It’s about 5 months old so hopefully they will warranty it.

  • Stainless can be brittle though, depends on the treatments it's had.
    Been using a cheap on one stainless ring for years (it's outlived two bikes) and no problem, its not light though.

  • Who built it? If it was under tension and then used on a working cargo bike itll rattle itself loose quite quickly. Would back all the nipples all the way out, then start again otherwise you'll be chasing random low spots forver.

  • Omnium built it, so I was hoping for a little more than 2 days... Especially on the rear.
    I've never even had a mountain bike wheel lose all tension in all spokes, after a couple of days. I don't see why the rear wheel of a cargo bike being used only on the road should be under any more stress than a mountain bike.
    The nipples were barely hanging on by a thread when I stopped.
    As soon as my new rims arrive the wheels are getting rebuilt anyway.

  • So get a wheel builder on the job?

  • sounds like the wheel was poorly assembled. Not tensioned up / no stress relieving or something.

  • Certainly looks like it. I'll be getting SBC cycles to build the new front wheel and rebuild the rear, so should be all good then.

  • SBC built my Bullitt wheels and they are in incredibly good condition two years later. Cant go wrong with that decision.

  • Hey man, i happen to work at Omnium. That really sucks :( Lets make this good again. Ive just spoken with our team and here's what we're thinking.

    The person who assembled your wheel followed all the rules (and unwritten rules) in the book and the build was checked by our head mechanic who's built hundreds of wheels. We've never seen this before with any of the handmade wheels leaving our shop, until one instance just a few days ago, and now yours! That's why we're thinking it could be something to do with the nipples we used, possibly a production error.

    Regardless, I'll get an email sent to you first thing Monday morning with a solution.

    If you've got anything you'd like to add, pls send us an email at

  • That’s awesome 👏

  • Well thankfully I spotted it straight away because I could feel the back wheel shimmying as I coasted. It was just bizarre that they all seemed to go at once. Anyway...they are still tight enough since I retensioned it...and I should be getting them rebuilt onto new rims as soon as they arrive, so it should be all good.

    On another note though...
    I just took the Gates square taper cranks off this morning to swap the ring onto a Middleburn chainset with outboard BB, and the chainring torx bolts were set SOLID. I broke 2 torx bits trying to remove them, and so I nipped down the road to a local bike shop, and he broke his tool too trying to remove Gates glue them in or something? I even tried heating one to no avail :(
    I ended up having to drill the heads off the chainring bolts just to get the ring off. As you know, gates rings are not cheap, or easy to find in physical bike shops.
    So again, all good now, but a total pain in the arse!

  • On the bright side...the bike rides amazingly well...I'm loving it! :)

  • I did a bit of improv cargo.

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  • We've never seen this before with any of the handmade wheels leaving our shop, until one instance just a few days ago, and now yours! That's why we're thinking it could be something to do with the nipples we used, possibly a production error.

    I’ve heard of a few similar issues where a modern, wide, lightweight tubeless rim has been used with a tyre at really high pressures, which effectively reduced the overall ERD of the rim and decreases spoke tension markedly. This could then lead to spokes slackening off further (as undertensioned nipples tend to do), and the above issue.

    Might not necessarily be the case here, but definetly worth bearing in mind with other cargo wheel builds, that tend to use wide rims and see higher pressures than these rims are designed for.

  • Yep, here..

    I'm going to change the battery location, it's not secure enough on the TT..

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  • Are those pegs for someone to sit on the rack? Is it strong enough to support someone?

  • This is the sleek solution

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  • Yeah. So far no probs.. we'll see, Ha!

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Cargo Bikes

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