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  • It's been about 4 years since it was first shown and has been tested and developed since then... I'm happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. :)

  • Hmmm fair enough then.

    I’d still go for an Alfine 8.

    Or I’d totally ignore what I just said and try the nexus 5 speed.

  • I can't quite be sure from the conversation, but it seems this has flown under the radar:­omponent/city---trekking-e-bike-e6100-se­ries/SG-C7050-5D.html

    it's stronger and probably better suited to cargo bikes, especially if using a mid drive. I am staying away from it, taking advice from the shop I mentioned earlier. I also have no interest in the auto-shifting gimmick.

  • I still am sticking with the Alfine 8...for now. :)

  • To be fair, those hubs probably did the work of about 5 derailleurs before capitulating.

  • This, nexus 5 has chunkier internals, its suggested they have some kind of syncromesh between the ratios that allows a few more full torque abuse shifts before issues occur. I've done a hundred city miles on one (that had about 800 miles from other people testing it) and it felt solid. Lots of "slack" or wind up in the internals compared to a rohlof etc, but its a £200 unit not £1k+
    Auto shift, started using manual but found myself using auto more often than not (partly because it had been set default to auto). For people used to cargo bikes, traffic and dealing with kids etc yeah we:re going to use it in manual mode, but for those new to these distractions i can see the benefit of it.
    The auto return to starting gear (can set it to any, so after 5 seconds stationary it auto shifts to your chosen gear) is very useful, especially fully loaded on rough roads up a hill and you've just got a red light ;)
    Have heard of people breaking nexus 5 already, but imagine its partly because it's from the first production and also its in line with the small number of folk who break alfine 8s as well.
    Alfine 11 isn't upto cargo duties imo

  • I never really thought about it till now, but being able to hit a low gear from a standstill does sound useful. The amount of "I might have to stop at this approaching intersection" thought that goes into riding a loaded cargo bike from block to block is a tad onerous.

  • Can anyone recommend a London based bike shop / bike technician who is knowledgeable and has done e-assist, cable routing, installation of lights?

    Took my Douze to SBC, they kept it for two weeks and could not get my front lights to work. They know a to bolt a bracket on so that's something.

    Anyway, 2 weeks of Champagne deliveries to catch up on...still no front light...

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  • what is the motor on your douze?

  • MPF Drive - which works fine apart from the lights.

    I need someone who can problem solve a get my lights to work again.

    And no sit on the bike for 2 weeks while doing nothing

  • Are you trying to get the B&M light working, supplying it from the ebike battery?

  • Wow! I love old work bikes.

  • Yes, that's exactly that

  • .

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  • Wow haha!

    That steering looks.. ropey ;)

  • If you need parts for it who can you get them off in the UK?

    Big assumptions here but.. I would imagine there is a cable going into a dedicated socket in your drive unit for the front light. If there is nothing wrong with the cable externally, you may have to pop the plastic cover off and find where it plugs in. Unplug, check the condition of the connection pins or whatever and use a replacement cable - which you will prob have to get off the supplier for these motors.

    Then reconnect your light to this fresh cable.

    That’s pretty much all I think you can do. If that doesn’t work then you’d be contacting the manufacturer, and seeing what they advise.

    Sorry if you’ve done this already.

  • The B&M lights were already rigged up on the bike. Stopped working as the cables frayed around the headset.

    I need a cycling / automotive electrical person to do some fault finding and get it to work again.

    There should be no special parts needed, all the electric connectors are still in place so a rewire for the front end is what is needed.

    Or at least that's my thinking.

  • Do people generally run the same stem length on their Omniums that they run on their other bikes?
    I usually run 110 or 100.

  • I just switched from a 100mm to 50mm so the bars don't mess with cargo as much

  • Hopefully the cargo side won't be an issue as I won't be carrying crazy tall stuff...but with regards to the handling, would your 'regular' length feel 'right' on an Omnom?

  • Yeah, I was more comfortable. Especially with light or no cargo.

  • That's what I was hoping to hear! :)

  • I did the same, 110mm. Fuck being uncomfortable for the sake of carrying stuff.

  • Had my xtracycle on ebay for two consecutive auctions to no avail. I have removed it from there now, so available on here again. I wanted £450, would take £400 or very near offer collected from Swindon.

    There is a previous FS ad on here that I closed when I removed it from sale to put on ebay. Lots of info on there.

    (Shown here without top platform, sidecar and bags, but all are included)

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Cargo Bikes

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