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  • In a post-nights haze, I have discovered and enjoyed this charming little video about Svajerlob.

    Svajerløb 2009 - Danish Cargo Bike Championships

    from Mikael Colville-Andersen on Vimeo.

  • Yes exactly! That's a forum bike right? I remember reading the project thread about the beginnings of it but never actually saw it finished. Is it yours?

  • Not mine but @zigbit's - put the link to the build thread in the post :)

  • painted my frame, and finally with fenders and wald basket
    still need some finishing touches and black seatpost but, can ride it like that

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  • Love it. Where did you source your mudguards? And what diameter seatpost do you need?

    If I may take the opportunity to share my own bike, fresh out of the workshop.

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  • @PhilDAS one of these is in the build queue for me yeah?

  • hi, just bout generic steel mudguards in 26inch size, front i think would be too short for 26 wheel, but nice for 20 inch, just need to bent it a beat to match wheel radius

  • That looks like fun @togas

    : ]

  • Thinking aloud, a little tempted to sell the Xtracycle. Not sure what I’d ask for it (complete, with the bags and sidecar platform) but thinking about it.

  • painted my frame, and finally with fenders and wald basket

    still need some finishing touches and black seatpost but, can ride it like that

    Lovely cycletruck! Got any close-ups of the platform?

  • Max £1 listings on ebay this weekend, so gonna list the cargo bike for sale. Just thought I’d offer it here first before I do, popping it in the classifieds now.

  • Quick question... Is there significantly more stress on the regular components on a cargo bike over a regular bike? I can only see potentially bars/stem from muscling it around more, and front wheel from the weight on it.

  • There doesn’t seem to be. The original wheels on mine have thicker gauge than standard spokes. I’ve been knocking about with a cheap 36h mtb wheel on the back, however, and I was expecting to pop a spoke or two but it’s been fine, even banging over the speed bumps at the tip with 100kg onboard.

    Mine is a long john type. I haven’t checked the front headset but to be fair it probably gets an easier time than say on the front of a bmx.

  • So you think even bars and stem don't necessarily have to be any more sturdy than usual?
    I'm a light rider, and want to keep a light omnium so I can use it as my regular courier bike. I don't plan on carrying crazy heavy loads, but need the cargo space still.
    So as I've always been very light on my kit I was hoping I could get away with it on the omnium too. Especially as its going to be wall stored.
    My old back is suffering these days. :)

  • If you're not carrying lots no more wear, In fact the smaller wheel should be stronger if anything . Heavy loads can snap chains and need replacing more.

    Any geared bike will need more regular replacements than your track bike :p
    Good bumping in to you earlier

  • As I said, I'd literally just been talking about you and then there you were behind me like a genie! :)
    I'm actually going belt drive alfine 8 again with this bike so hopefully it'll cope. I have only snapped one belt and it was in ridiculously thick, pebble filled mud.
    So I was hoping I could save weight on the rest of the components like bars/stem/seatpost/cranks/etc

  • Think you’ll be fine saving weight on those parts. Particularly the bars, stem and seatpost. Not sure how much weight I’d try and save on the cranks, but as long as you haven’t got a motor quadrupling your watts you should be alright...

  • I have a pair of middleburn rs8 knocking around that I fucking hate, but compared to the square taper cranks that will be coming with the omnom they should be better.

  • Square taper are good for couriers because you can always find a bike shop to beg for a spare crank in their parts pile when yours snap.
    One thing I would say is hub gears slipping is the biggest moan I hear about cargoes, so if you go for the alfine don't get sloppy with the gear changes.

  • Well using my last one on my mtb I only ever used the same 3 gears, but never had any issues.
    I actually contemplated single speed...but told myself that would be stoopid on a cargo bike. :)

  • One thing I would say is hub gears slipping is the biggest moan I hear about cargoes

    Get a rohloff 🤑

  • If only I could stretch to one. I'd actually like to try a Kindernay ;)

  • I just can’t fathom a single speed for cargo. Unless you have it on mad low GI and never plan on going faster than walking pace :)

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Cargo Bikes

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