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  • There's not much room there but perhaps something you strap to the fork would work? Dunno if there's a raceblade for small wide tyres, but something along those lines

  • SKS in 20" x 65mm would fit no? You'd need to get creative with the stays but shouldn't be too hard.

  • Just need some standoff spacers to clear the disc brake caliper. Assuming there’s enough space under the crown..

  • This is a 2.2" tyre, its tight but it works. The stays are short enough that they are pretty stiff so there's not much rubbing.

    Edit: That was before I redid the stays actually, they are straighter now, with a single bend rather than curved for their whole length. The guards actually came with double stays but because of where I put the brazeons it was going to be impossible to use them so I cut them up.

  • The curvy stays are gracious!
    Could they be back?

  • This the lopro minivelo? All the jealous, very want.

  • My first thoughts after a couple of week's use:
    • I can't usually filter up the inside of traffic 'cos it's 70cm wide, and when I do drivers get really shirty - much more than when I'm on a bike.
    • If I don't keep a nice straight line & wobble a bit they give you much more room overtaking.
    • Keep the electric assistance low when crawling along in traffic.
    • Must try & remember to keep speed down so power assistance stays on

    Did first job using a medium size step ladder today - it fitted on lid as planned though I'm already planning the next box to build. Probably a bit narrower, a bit lower & sloping down towards the front.

  • That’ll do the job (that bike looks rad btw). Can do some trimming if it won’t play nicely with the forks.

    Where can I order from? My google skills are failing me.

  • I got mine from Bike 24.

    Actually they are 60mm,­

  • It is. Cheers.

  • Omnium stock wheel builds, good/bad/ugly? Going to build one up in the next month or so, their wheels are not that expensive and its not going to see courier use, saves me hassle of trying to find a 700/20" rim combo that matchs.

    Also dyno lights, this one has to have dyno lights, number of times I have no lights handy (have 4 sets of good ones at least), any good examples of mounting locations on an omnium?

  • 700/20" rim combo that matchs.

    Try halo?

  • The omnium wheels are really good value for money. Hubs are the trusted novatec, rims are decently wide. All the messengers use them and we only have good feedback.

    For light mounts we often use a rivit gun and mount it to the underside of the rack on the left side. Like the belt drive one on the omnium gram :)

  • Almost every working Omnium in London has 406 rim on the front. Tyres are wider, better quality and more readily available. A lot of the time your view of the front tyre will be obscured and I think a fat tyre is a bit of insurance against smashing into a pothole, drain cover etc. with a load of weight more or less directly on top of the wheel.

    I wanted a completely matching pair of rims and gave up as the only options I found was Sun Rhyno Lite (36h only front),or Velocity Dyad or Cliffhanger, which would have been hideously expensive as BLB are the ‘distributor’ and charge you the shipping on top...

  • Penelope's rack finally gave way, so I got a bullit frame on cycle to work and transferred the parts over.

    Feels fast!

    Penelope will be repaired and brought back to her former glory though..

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  • What was the idea behind mounting the battery on the underside of the top-tube as opposed to the steering mast?

  • Battery was too large to mount on steering mast. It needs about 30-40mm clearance to get it out.

  • What a beauty!!

  • I literally bought the same colour yesterday! Also thinking electric assist at some point in couple of years time if missus wants to use it.

  • Week 1 on the omnomnom is complete:

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  • Look at this beauty

    Love it!
    Could be had for a steal as well, even BIN is fair considering it's €1600 new.

  • Been riding around on this bad boy the last few days with a Hillraser motor attached. So much good times. Can’t get enough. Just need to hopefully work out a purchase program and it’ll be mine...

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  • What is this after market electric assist? I've been gagging to swap my bullitt frame out for a stages one since I had a go on an Uber Jump.
    What're the Pro's & Con's of these?

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Cargo Bikes

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