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  • Maybe at one point stolen and rattlecanned?

  • It's a modded Cangoo, see lots of them around here in Belgium.
    Looked at one second hand a long time ago because it was so cheap.
    £700 seems steep, they go between €300 and €750 second hand unmodded over here.

  • well, I bought it, as it ticked the following boxes:

    • designed by the belgians/dutch, who know what they are doing
    • load in front of you, for more confidence and people-carrying ability
    • standard parts, no proprietary bullshit
    • strong magura disc brake up front for some nice skidz
    • purposely not flashy so won't get nicked as quickly
    • modified and sold by a lovely french guy who was moving his workshop from hoxton to provence
    • very good deal compared to the advertised price

    happy days

  • Sounds like a good deal. What you going to use it for?

  • Awesome, please post more pics when you can!

  • Anyone used an Amladcykler Cargo bike? Danish but sell on ebay or direct to uk. Seem basic but affordable. Electric assist and room for 2 kids plus shopping for under £2k posted.

  • Never heard of them, but there's quite a few shit reviews on the Danish Trustpilot. Most of them about parts/components breaking within a short time.
    Many good ones too, though.

  • Yeh thanks I read some of those translated. Stuff like getting punctures I’m ok with- for £1600 I’d still have heaps of cash left over for upgrading tyres etc.

  • Yeah, people seem to have unrealistic tyre expectations.

  • Amladcykler Cargo bike?

    Only thing I’d be thinking about is the motor system isn’t Bosch or Shimano...

    What happens when it has an issue? Can’t just plug it in.., if this is to be for a school run etc you need reliable?

  • V brakes on the long john :(

  • @Vince 's cargo bike doesen't have Bosch or Shimano either

  • NuVinci 380 rear hub which is great - you can change gears anytime, load or no load.

    MPF Drive 6.0 motor which has been changed under warranty once, works ok but I don't think it would be reliable if I was doing courrier work at 50 miles per day instead of 50 miles per I currently do.

  • Well, original Long Johns only had a coaster brake. See it as a massive improvement!

  • NuVinci 380 rear hub which is garbage

    Sorry had to ftfy.

    I rode a butchers and bicycles for work for a while with nuvinci, and there is so much lost energy in the rear hub. If i locked the brakes and stepped on the pedal, you could see the cog spin a rediculous amount while the hub was completely still. Some flexy stuff in there. When the motor died you could really feel the flex, almost lagging, sort of like riding an oval ring for the first time. And the shifting is shit when the pedals are getting pushed. Shifting while pedals are not in motion is definitely best.

  • Not a fan of nuvinci either. Apart from the draggy feel mentioned by t0-ster, The shifter internals are all plastic and quite prone to small breakages, needing to be totally replaced IME. Annoying to change the cables too.

    Also you can shift while stationary but not through the complete range, only about half way.

    Never tried Nexus or Alfine. Only have Rohloff to compare it to.

  • 1st scrape today. On plus side the angle alu skids I fitted worked!

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  • I haven’t done a scrape yet, just a full topple while loaded and clipped in! What happened?

  • Look what I found in the recycling. It should fit on the top of the Mini-Max.

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  • Impatient Audi twat overtaking in narrow road with oncoming car, cut in really close & I swerved to adood collision. Here's the angle alu ski.

    When I checked the load it had hardly shifted. Thankfully no paint spilled either

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  • I'm selling this, platypus. I'll accept offers of £300 if you say you're from the forum.

  • Which mudguard will work for a 2.15 tyre on an Omnium fork? Currently have this thing installed to stop the brake hose rubbing on the tyre when turning. I assume the front wheel is going to spray water directly at my feet when it rains? (Friday).

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Cargo Bikes

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