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  • indescribable factor. You need to try it to understand

    you would be a great ebike seller

  • It's always great to park beside other cargos, not so often in Vienna. Car / Cargo Ratio on a parking place 50 / 1 mostly, so like "oh, another one here". Of course there are the districts with more cargo bikes, we even live in one, but not like in other cities.


    Pretty cool news here, Berlin has started making special cargo bike parking, huge rise in use here. Ebikes too, something like 30% of bikes sold last year were ebikes.

  • Here's my fixie, wheels off & bungee'd onto the cargo area. Guy in the shop suggested I go round the quiet back streets for a while to get used to it before heading home...
    So I got 100m before the power cut out...
    Had to re-assemble fixie. Just to round the day off it pissed down all the way home.
    Guy in shop said Bosch are quick at delivering replacement parts - as & when he's found the problem!

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  • very very stolen looking

  • Yes its owner is aware AFAIK from a facebook post that was shared around a bit.
    Its one of those thats been stolen then badly painted all black to hide its identity, guy was a courier or used it for some kind of work in London, stolen late sept/early oct from what I found.

  • This yours and new?
    High chance just one of the cables at the junction box on the engine, from new they are often zip tied together in there for neatness, but during assembly they can get pulled and just pop out. If its more than that it'll probably be a week or so, Bosch are fast but won't just ship a new engine out, usually want the defective unit back first, even when its a brand new bike and you haven't been anywhere yet :(

  • Hmm, interesting. The guy in the shop said he'd tested it, did about 20km (I reckon he rode it home then back in the morning) & had no prob. He took the cover off the side of the motor, all cables looked OK. Tried different battery, no change. Ran Bosch prog which said the motor couldn't be seen. Very disappointing

  • Ah, that does suck.
    What I will say is with most bike engines/motors/speed controller/battery/switchs and wiring, if they are going to fail its going to be in the first few uses, if any issues arise in that time and then taken care of you usually aren't going to get any more show stoppers (BB wear/pulley output bearing and reduction drive and/or one way bearing wear or failure happens over time)

  • I've just donated to this plan for electric assist cycle taxis in London. Could really improve our air quality and congestion. Any thoughts?­ssisted-cycle-taxis-for-london

    "Quicab's extraordinary 'taxi-cycle' has the potential to revolutionise door-to-door serviced travel in our congested cities whilst making better use of space, reducing air pollution and providing employment.

    Everything about Quicab suggests 'taxi' - its appearance and then the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along city streets to arrive at your destination fresh faced and unruffled in your best business outfit.

    Yet the difference is this - Quicab is, well, Quicker. Even at its sedate top speed of 15mph you feel whisked along - using cycleways to bypass traffic jams, legally permitted to travel the 'wrong way' along many City one way streets, and able to go through the cycle gaps provided in road closures. Permeability is key to Quickness, and Quicab takes full advantage. Quicker journeys completed, more passengers carried. The taxi has come of age.

    With rising awareness of climate change, air pollution and the effects of congestion in expanding cities, the Quicab offers the prospect of a revolution in personal taxi travel. This includes, of course, employment opportunities for riders and maintenance staff. Passengers are not the only customers - With anchors for cargo-nets, Quicab is able to carry freight, too."

  • Brilliant, but Going the wrong way on one way streets is a recipe for anger

  • “Many” one way streets, which I think just means on cycle paths. In the centre of the city there are a lot of contra flow bike paths that allow you to go the opposite way up one way roads.

  • Ace. We barely have cycle lanes down here!

  • Building up the Omnium Cargo now, the Webbing is incredibly tight (the front to back) and the clips don't seem to reach.

    Is there a trick?

  • Ahh you got me

  • It's just another tech firm trying to muscle in on a very crowded market. The main problem for this sort of initiative is that the legal backing is just not there, see the 'rickshaw wars' of the last twenty years. London has historic legislation that governs its Hackney carriages in particular. I'm not saying it's a bad initiative, but they shouldn't start with the cabs themselves; that's the easy bit. They need to start with work on legislative reforms that enables this kind of business to thrive. The rickshaw operators have been trying to do this for a long time, but it needs to be done at a higher level than what they've been capable of.

  • Brilliant, but Going the wrong way on one way streets is a recipe for anger

    As PhilDAS says, this refers to contraflow arrangements, not to going the 'wrong' way along purely one-way streets. For some reason, people often insist on calling contraflow operation 'going the wrong way' (even if it's in quote marks as here)--that's because contraflow operation is always a distant second to full two-way working, i.e. a contraflowed street is still 'one way', just with exceptions.

  • ordering bullitt, alfine 8 or deore 22? I will get a chinese motor on it at some point I reckon

  • I imagine the ability to change gears at lights/while stationary is nice, I use a 1x external system on an Omnium which is nice, but the extra weight is probably worth it on the IGH 🤷🏽♂️

  • ta, going Alfine

  • Still haven't managed to take a pic in daylight. Looks about the same size a my van here (doesn't in real life)

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  • So the first day's use ... guess this is what I'll have to get used to. There's actually enough room to get through if people hadn't parked so close. I have written to LB.Barnet in the vain hope they'll put a couple of yards of double yellow lines there

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Cargo Bikes

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