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  • Is there reach/stack figures around at all?

    I'm 175 so right between sizes

  • For what it's worth, where I work a range of people between approx 5' 5" and 6' 2" use the same bullitts, just adjusting seatpost height when they switch between bikes and have never heard anyone complain about a bad fit or an issue with standover height. Worth getting the smaller of the two of you to try a bullitt and see if it works but can't imagine it won't!

  • Not trying to be facetious at all but is someone who isn't a confident cyclist ever likely to be comfortable riding a heavy cargo bike?
    Just thinking out loud really. Are there certain designs that inspire more confidence?

  • From what @amey has written on here before his partner is an occasional commuter, but doesnt ride that regularly.
    On a well fitting cargo with reasonable standover height for a shorter person i assume they'd be fine. Guessing this cargo is more baby duties than carrying 100kg of archive boxes.

    If only omnium made a smaller/step through frame i wouldn't see a problem, especially as the steering feels more 'normal' than a lot of other cargoes.

  • Just for the mini though.

    An adjustable stem would probably be enough for commuting purposes, if the height difference isn't massive. That maybe coupled with some Jones bars, or similar, which have a variety of hand positions should make it work.

    I don't really see riding a cargo bike as being any more "difficult" than a regular bike, just different. Maybe other's have different experiences. My omnium, unladen, is probably not much heavier than most dutch bikes.

  • Not trying to be facetious at all but is someone who isn't a confident cyclist ever likely to be comfortable riding a heavy cargo bike?

    Yes. Well, the e-assist versions anyway.

  • edit - new page fail

  • Apologies for the cross post but...

    My friend Miles' Omnium Mini has been stolen

    It's a sparkly purple Omnium Mini, stolen in Whitechapel this afternoon/evening

    Please PM me on here if you've seen anyone with it or sighted it locked up anywhere this evening

    Recent picture below

  • Back to looking at buillitt and riese and muller

    Why? IME neither of those are easier to ride.

    From what I gather the original bakfiets is very stable and very intuitive to ride. Low standover too. That's the one I'd tell my gf to try first (she won't borrow my Omnium).

  • Can you move back as my personal bicycle advisor pls?

  • Saw that, such a shit build and overpriced

    Plus i have c2w voucher for £2k

  • Build for your mrs and just whack your seat up to ride.

    Our tandem is fitted to her, then the saddle goes up 2” and the bars feel a tad too close. It’s not a road bike, I’m not doing loads of miles so it’s plenty comfortable!

  • I'm always available for sensible, no-nonsense advice.

  • Ok I am here;


    Standover too high for my partner; not really made for shared use
    Only possible to put the thule yepp maxi on the bigger models
    No electric assist

    Designed for shared usage

    Extremely bad value for money when child seat, canopy, mudguards, dynamo lights added its £800 less than an electrical assist R&M
    No electric assist

    R&M (Packster 40)
    Electric assist
    "most compact cargo bike"
    Comes with everything out of the box (guards, lights, rear rack)

    Expensive but not bad value for money
    Heaviest of three

    I have test rode the Bullitt, loved it, need to test ride the rest two, maybe I will do R&M today.

  • Thought you can get the omnium with shimano e assist?

  • Don’t discount the Rodford big billy!

    What about the tern gsd?

  • E-Omnium is definitely a thing - I was in their shop yesterday and saw one

  • Not available to buy atm plus the usual omnium caveats 👆

  • the tern gsd

    If its a case of a rear child seat i’d defo get the R&M supercharger (base model)

  • No way! Huge.

  • Is the Big Billy available to buy yet?

  • Could you consider getting a framebuilder to change the top tube to a womans style step through one on the omnium? Might still be cheaper than a bullitt? And then retrofit an electric wheel?

  • I think we've eliminated the R&M Packster (the sus fork makes me very suspicious)

    We've tried a Babboe City which was quite good but the steering was super twitchy and the electric assist was a bit all or nothing - not quite enough to put us off but may prefer others enough to justify the £££

    Going to try an Urban Arrow and Bakiets prob next week and we're trying to find a good day for a trip over the Glasgow to try an eBullitt too.

    Any opinions about roller brakes vs discs?

  • Fuck roller brakes

    All pedalme bikes are UA btw

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Cargo Bikes

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