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  • 32/11 feels fine on my Omnium but I remember someone saying they thought it was a bit low for them previously. I reckon it'll be plenty in the city.

  • Anyone used a Bicicapace Compact?
    Are they any good? Can you get a bigger rack on the front?

  • ooks a lot wider when you see it from the top so turning radius might not be too bad,

    Article with more deets,­emuse-elian-ultimate-e-cargo-bike-hauls-­quickly-on-or-off-road/

    I wonder what it's like to ride without the headtube angle and rake usually incorporated into a fork. Steering must be creepily neutral.

  • I don't see omniums in London very much. See lots of bullitts though

    Cargo bikes definitely need mudguards, just so much more practical. Mine is kitted with mudguards and dynamo, and the pannier set up permanently loaded with straps and bags etc. I just get on and ride it. Will be electrifying it shortly though!

  • this looks cool, bit more practical then a bucket­-cargo-bike-bag/

  • We are now hooked up with the Green Commute Initiative (bigger budget cycle scheme amongst other differences, see here ), makes cargo bike purchases that little bit more manageable.
    Have many folk used the scheme yet? Opinions vs the long standing cycle 2 work and cyclescheme options?

  • This allows an individual, family or business to borrow up to £6,000 interest free towards an electric cargo bike, funded by Transport Scotland (an agency of the Scottish Government). This loan is available to residents of Scotland only

    Another reason added to our “need to move to Scotland” list

  • Used it for 4 bikes now ( one bullitt) works great

  • There's HPA too if the huge capacity isn't needed.

  • Thanks mate, haven't seen those before and surprisingly good value for money. have you seen them up close?

  • There's that one, but the green commute initiative is open to residents of England, Scotland and Wales (unfortunately looks like nothing for Northern Ireland and Isle of Man).
    Scotland also has significantly better eye care than England, and free prescriptions..... Midges though....

  • My wife has glasses... I’ll add eye care to our list! 😂

    We are dreaming, bullitt electric is that dream but £££ and space is lacking...

    Biggest BS is we have 2 parking spaces... 1 car only used a few times a week and not allowed to put a secure structure to house said cargo bike... If we could sell the car in favour of a bullitt and store on ones of our spaces we would be set, electric Brompton to commute. Ebullitt/ tandem otherwise

  • /Edit @R.hobbs: wasn’t a reply!

    I wouldn’t have thought to use this Big Dummy bike that much, awesome ride! Some parts still missing, but so far almost every day for commute (it is heavy) and combined tours.

    I was too lazy too route a cable for the light in the back, now there’s a battery powered one. Also I changed to 2.1” tyres from the 2.3” only in the back, I heard some kind of rubbing noise in turns when being loaded heavily.

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  • Oh.

    Is that dinosaur jacket wind/waterproof?! Kiddo would scream if she saw that!

  • I think it’s a rather cheap model from H&M - but is OK and just looks cool!

  • Dinos are in right now!

    Looks fun with the big hooptie on the back.

  • Ah and reply was because I wanted to add something to / Bullitt / Electro / car but then didn’t remember anymore! But yes, I also didn’t had or have that much to spend for an electrified cargo bike - but now I do think I wouldn’t need it.

  • We even have a pillow back there!

  • I have this bag on my Omnium, it's pretty good ! Not 100% waterproof tho, because of the zippers.

  • Get an old defunct van, gut it and park in your space, then park bikes inside the van!

  • Hahaha, brilliant!

  • Looks great. I have the U tubes and a stoker bar rather than a hooptie or kid coral. Always wondered how they get in and out. Can they do it solo or do you have to lift them?

  • Currently with all kid corral parts installed you have to lift them. There are several ways to install it, that they can get on on their own:

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Cargo Bikes

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