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  • Anyone got a cargo bike for sale? Cheap as possible please, but no major projects. Like the look of 8freights. Thanks!

  • I think you'd struggle with the front wheel being in the way on a Bullitt!

  • Well made though, and TBH all of these types of bikes are very low production numbers. How many allez does Specialized's manufacturer knock out for them every year, 80k, 100k, 150k?

    Loads of DIY solutions online, just got to figure how much your own time is vs buying ready to go. Some DIY solutions are excellent, as you say depends how much engineering you want to put in, always terrified when I see people walking out of halfords/evans/decathlon with a child seat that they will fit themselves, probably with a zip tie and an adjustable!

    R+M are much heavier, but for more sedate non bikey people, the front forks have problems with wear and then corrosion, they might have fixed it for 2020MY. Also Bosch have a new 'cargo bike' specific motor out for 2020 which I imagine will be found on a lot of R+M products which if your thinking of one, maybe hold out until then ;)

  • regarding child carriers, just got one of these infant carriers for the Bullitt. It is only 11 inches wide leaving tons of room for the older child in the 23 inch wide truck strap cargo box I use (Holde from Splendid Cycles).

    I built a removable base from wood for the seat that fixes to the floor of the box with one bolt/wing-nut. The seat drops on the base and is fixed with a velcro strap. It all can be removed as one unit by undoing the wing-nut. It wasn't easy to rig up and had it not been for some luck and a stroke of genius it may have not turned out so well. It's not pretty - almost a prototype. I could easily re-do with greater care now that I've worked out the kinks, but I doubt I will since this works fine and I've got other crap to do.

    I'll post pictures later of the set up.

  • "I'll post pictures later" = "I'm at work and screwing off"

  • Melia actually makes all kinds of different straps and attachments for an array of different cargo bikes to fit their seats in. I just strapped ours onto the Bullit seat with some lashing straps and check on them every other week or so.

    The Melia website is mainly in dutch, and also a bit crappy. Hollandbikeshop has all their products, pdf manuals in english and the info you need.

  • Anyone got an Omnium Mini on here? I like the idea that it's pretty small yet can carry 50kg. Not sure what I'll use it for just yet but one can dream.

  • Anyone got an Omnium Mini on here?


  • Melia actually makes all kinds of different straps and attachments for an array of different cargo bikes to fit their seats in

    Yes and I ordered it along with.... but either it didn't show up or the two pieces of metal and crappy Velcro they sent me left me so unsatisfied that built my own, which I rebuilt last night.

    Last night I bought two strips of aluminum and moulded them to the back of the seat. I mounted those on a section of 2x4 that has a bolt through the floor of the box. I bent the top ends.of the rails so they hook over the edge of the box when the bottom section is bolted down. The seat is fixed to the rails with and excessive amount of Velcro tape. Now it's perfect and rapidly removable with one wing nut. The seat can also be removed from the contraption by breaking the Velcro bond, but the intent is to leave it attached. It's a lot of Velcro.

    Pictures later.

  • so called up Fully Charged; the packster 40 is exactly £4426 with child carrying 'system' .. its still a lot of money but not hugely over a bullitt and my partner can use it as well. Hmmm.

  • I mean was going to buy a secondhand Honda Jazz and that would've cost more than this plus insurance plus running costs

  • Dunno man... I know what I’d have gone for...

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  • Why can’t the mrs use a bullit?

  • I guess she can but 'cycling' in her head is still a task, the assist I hope will take that away and become more 'way of life'

    And I want an eBike anyway :P

  • E bullitt?!

    We both love our electric brom, I’m still after an e bullitt tbh.

  • I can highly recommend the Douze F1. Owned for 3 years and been amazing. We test rode a lot of bikes and the wife hated the way the Bullitt handled, whereas the Douze she loved and still does. Bullitt money mind, but much more neutral handling and with a step-through frame option. Canopy is really well detailed and we ride it all year around and our boy who is now 5 1/2 has never been wet or cold.

    The cable steering enables as tight a turn as you can make on a cargo bike, but also does help with manoeuvring into spaces/garage which can be super handy, especially when loaded!

    It's apparently as light as a Bullitt (although I've never done a direct comparison) and also breaks down in half so you can fit into a hatchback car.

    Shout if you want any more info. This is a good overview:­6/douze-f1-family-cargo-bike-review.html­

  • E bullitt?!

    too pricey, like a grand over that R&M

  • You know you breeders have your own thread,­77/?offset=100#comment14358158

    Less child chat, more pics of pimped out diy cargo bikes!

  • Are kiddos not cargo?

  • Hey now! Who discussed riese and muller before i arrived?! No1!

  • How many degrees of turning is there on that? Doesn't look like a lot.
    Very cool though, I like it a lot, anymore photos?

  • This is very very Nice

  • Wow. Batmobike!

    Would have me reconsider my omnium, because Batman. I mean mad max. I mean dune buggy.

  • Needs rear pegs for more grind options

  • Looks a lot wider when you see it from the top so turning radius might not be too bad,

    Article with more deets,­emuse-elian-ultimate-e-cargo-bike-hauls-­quickly-on-or-off-road/

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Cargo Bikes

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