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  • I’m well keen for one but the cost of the fork would be over 10 times the cost of the bike

  • Started a new job and on the 3rd day requested full value C2W voucher that I will be using to get a Buillitt.

    Conflicted between carry systems .. honeycomb board and some cheap box and a car seat hack? Or just go with a canopy?

    I want to spend as little as possible above £2k.

  • isn't the buillitt frame £1750 on its own, also I didn't realise that you could add money to the C2w voucher.

    I'v seen a few really good hacks using a maxi cosi car seats and ratchet straps to replace the car seat belt.

  • There is no limit to c2w, just up to the company to say yes or no to your request.

  • Your putting your life in there! Canopy for me.

  • on SBC website a full nexus 7 build is £2460 thats already £460 more than the voucher, I won't have any money for canopy for a month :( this whole 'pay day' thing is tiresome.

    This would be infinite money option:­-40/

  • Also go past this every day, it's making me sad :(

    Surely there is a home for at least one of these bikes?

  • I will give the green bike a home if it can be arranged. Happy to pay Vaz or whoever to weld it up properly. Anyone with a hookup let me know pls?

  • @Vince @pastry_bot oh man, I live 5 minutes from here. They've not been here long either.

    Sadly the other bikes nearby generally get picked clean after a fortnight or so.

  • The canopy does require the honeycomb board AND the folding child seat (so they say), which would total £3340 for the Nexus model.

    I took the canopy apart last week to clean and service everything, which also requires removal of the seat. I reckon you could just get the canopy without the seat, but would need to get creative to mount the canopy on the back -end of the cargo area. But if you're not getting the seat, you would run into problems to strap in a toddler seat when child is old enough.

    The canopy fabric and construction itself is kind of crappy and questionable at £450, it also prohibits the transport of larger things. But the tubing is nice and acts more like a roll-cage, it's also nice the have something to protect child from the elements. So the expense is kind of justified.

    We went for the all-in option for the ease of use, LBS service and insurance reasons. Once the insurance becomes obsolete and would not require LBS service, I'll get creative with a custom box. Which would also suit an older child a bit more.

  • But the tubing is nice and acts more like a roll-cage, it's also nice the have something to protect child from the elements

    This is what I’d do with a bullit, little human does not want to wear anything unless it’s a Monday in June and the stars have aligned!

    Wind and rain protection are ideal, it’s why we brought a hamax trailer over the tern gsd!

  • I alway have a sharp in take of breath when I see the price of LargeVsHarry accessories, I’m sure there great but big $$ it’s nearly £900 for a child seat and canopy!

    I strapped a child trailer to the deck of my omnium for £100. I spent a good few hours working out the best way to cargo strap it all in place and I needed to make some alterations to the trailer and some time testing it out before using it with my daughter. We’ve now done over 500 miles with this setup without any problems in all sorts of weather.

    I totally understand that some people wouldn’t be comfortable doing this given the precious cargo, but I’m happy that my research and testing means I’ve ended up with a very over engineered solution.

  • I’d go this route if I had the time etc!

    Agreed on the pricing, nearly doubles the bike!

  • Would still prefer a Bullitt...

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  • Got a pic? I could swing towards omnium if the experience is essentially same but way cheaper.. AND i may need to lock outside at work (not at home).

  • Great points. At that price it really goes close to the riese and muller and you get a motor! Maybe i should have waited till i had the extra cash and then ordered the c2w voucher but i am stupid and impatient.

    Buillitt pricing is kinda swaying me towards the r&m but in that case i will have to wait 2 months to use the voucher, should be ok i guess.

    A fully loaded r&m is £4.5k, child seat, cover and all.

  • I bought the child carrier platform for the Yepp maxi seat that they make. It’s from 8months. But it’s been so good. The kid loves riding the bike.

    It’s also easy and fast to remove when you don’t use it.

  • You could get creative with straps, shuttering plywood and a tarp to achieve the same functionality. But that would look like a mess and nobody wants that right?

    We had a go on a Packster 60 with the canopy couple of months ago that belongs to friends (while they drove our Bullit). Overall we found that the RM was a lot heavier and slower/sluggish handling over the Bullit even with the motor. They found our Bullit surprisingly nimble to pick up speed without engine but "more sporty and aggressive". Which in my opinion translates into frame geo.

    edit: our Bullit with HCB, child seat, canopy, damper, Alfine 8, Gates, Deore XT m8020 brakes, Thomson finishing, guards, XT dynamo, B&M IQ-XS front and secula rear was €4.6k.

  • swaying me towards the r&m you seem to have a soft spot for fugly bikes in general Riese & Müller might really be the right choice!
    : ]

  • If there is 1 thing I can fault the Bullit, is that the steerer needs to be extended about 5cm to clear the top of the Canopy.

  • Ugly bikes are the most fun bikes!

  • Very handy to know! I can imagine r&m being heavy as it has motor battery plus a sus fork (?!)

    I have had a go on a buillitt will get a test ride on r&m there is a shop right by where i work.

    Packster 60 is a monster, 40 looks quite #tukt

  • Would a steep stem help at all?

  • LvH supply an "easy extender" so it's down to personal preference, I just like my bars a bit lower. :)

  • Added advantage of more cargo space is that it takes our compact stroller (Babyzen Yoyo) next to child if we bike into the city and don't want to carry child around when she gets tired of walking.

    You also need the extra space for putting away shopping while child is with you.

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Cargo Bikes

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