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  • recommend wrapping some old inner tubes around front of frame

  • That’s smaller than the 90deg into my garden and that was a definite nope!

  • Whats that with health and safety making you go around a corner like that?
    So people in cars can race in and out of the Garage?

    If infrastructure and official bodies would help people on bikes, that would be nice.

    Meanwhile in Germany we are about to get new traffic laws meant to help cycling.
    The changes include that parking bikes on the road will be forbidden. Because that makes sense if you want more cargo bikes.

  • exactly right?

    the health and safety thing is compounded by the cunt @greenhell mentioned

  • the guys on a power trip and hates couriers riding into "his" loading bay so made up some stupid rules to punish all cyclists.

  • Im looking for cargo builder brand
    Would like to buy a e cargo for my restaurant located in the mountain, to go shopping, to commute from home.
    What brand can you think of?
    Thank you

  • Nice

  • What sort of stuff will you need to carry? What capacity (weight wise) will you need? And budget?

  • Cold boxe 60x40, I think 50 kilo is fine
    For what I saw 4000 is the minimum.

  • I’d probably get the omnium. It’s the only one of two (use an urban arrow XL a lot!) I have a bit of experience with so maybe someone else will recommend a bullit or something.. is there anywhere you can test ride a few to get a feel for which one suits?

  • Omnium or Bullitt (Android or iOS). Think about where your load is going to go and if it's going to interfere with your handlebars. Some big chunky stuff I strap to the front of my Long Harry would not go on an Omnium, but that's vs the fact that with smaller loads owners report that an Omnium is easier to ride than a longer drop-front bike. Do you want to be bending down to put your loads in if you don't have to, or would a crate on the front suit you better.

  • I’m in touch with for the xl, they offer me more option like to convert in barista stand ...
    It’s not heavy stuff, I go to the market for grocery. It’s just to use less the van.
    I would like more user point of view

  • New cycle truck design from Junto. The Metro Mule. I can't decide if the centre cargo section is groundbreaking or shitty.

    Probably both. I kind of want one

  • It's great if you want to hurt your knees at every pedal stroke.

  • Sold! To the man with genu valgus

  • So he has one of the qualifications needed to become a politician.
    Change couriers to cyclists and you have traffic laws.

  • Do you mean ?
    Good looking Longjohns.

    I only saw three wheelers so far as coffee stall. But I guess if you don't need the power on the bike, a smaller design works.

  • I’m pretty happy with there offer, especially it’s really custom with paint logo ....

  • Eurgh, I hate using my small restrap frame bag because my legs rub it (more so when out the saddle but always a little) so I can’t imagine riding that thing!

  • Urban arrow handles really weird imo and super slack seat tube angle suggests it was designed only for very tall people.
    Douze is worth a look too.
    I have a used electric assist trike with a huge wooden box on the front. Done less than 100 miles from new

  • Urban arrow handles really weird imo and super slack seat tube angle suggests it was designed only for very tall people.

    Actually, it's designed that way so you can put your feet down at a stop.

  • I really like the look of those officine recycle longjohns, very elegant with the skinny tubes.
    They fabricate the fronts and then tack old frames to the back. They also sell a diy kit to weld together yourself. Also seems like they use stainless steel for the bendy tubes.

  • It's great if you want to hurt your knees at every pedal stroke.


    What a stupid design.

  • I'm sure you're already aware but I believe it was Jamie from SBC Cycles who made me aware of radar keys which can be used to open canal and some park gates on paths.

    Pretty sure you can buy them on amazon

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Cargo Bikes

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