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  • Bamboo steering arm is giving me the heebies.

  • E6100 is a fair bit more efficient and quieter than the e6000, similar power and feel though, oh and lower drag which is nice. Did you go for nexus 5?

    No I'm in the states.

    Was advised against Nexus 5 by a sales person who made only half sense to me. Something about automatic gears, which I couldn't care less about. Still, I went with Di2 XT based on the following: my own familiarity with a mech, the suspicion that the Nexus may not be up to the task.... and that I'm really interested in owning am electronic system. What better platform than this? It's got a huge battery already

    They had the e6000 bike on sale but what I read made the e6100 seems so superior, that it was a no-brainer

    I'm pumped.

  • Bamboo steering arm is giving me the heebies.

    Haha, same here..

  • Good stuff.
    Nexus 5 is new so as yet fairly unproven, but looking at tech docs the internals are generally a lot beefier than the Alfine 8 and 11 (known to break when used with a mid drive, especially if not treated nicely). So far no one has broken one that I know of (and people I know break everything always).
    Nexus 5 di2 supports auto shifting, and it also has little ramps, almost like synchromesh on the faces so will allow a certain number of full power/torque upshifts (before they wear I guess?) . You can turn off auto shift, I quite like it now you have more control over it, the earlier version of it not so much.
    Main reason for less gears is those using an ecargo bike in town tend to not need super close ratio gears as your making more use of the motors range.
    Personally prefer regular derailleur gears, only use about 4 of the 11 with the motor on, with tthe motor off, yeah you need that dinner plate XT cassette to get things moving.

  • Looking for more forum wisdom......

    Requirements are as follows:

    1. Fits a rider between 5'3" and 5'10"
    2. Can carry two kids (3 and 5 currently but ideally would carry them for a good few years yet)
    3. Electric assist
    4. Rides like a normal bike

  • Something something longtail something something

  • Something like a Yuba Curry, Mundo, in Europe not available (yet?) a Surly Big Easy, Tern GSD probably too small, probably also too small a Bicicapace Justlong – but I can smell Italian food here – Milano and everything.

  • Didn't see that. Probably not ideal.

  • Stunt pegs make it. Are they the plastic kind though?
    ...hope they've got a metal sleeve

  • What's that box thing? Can you buy it online? Or even better, the drawings for it?

  • Cheers!

    $600 seems spendy but might not be after sourcing materials, work, etc

  • Thanks for the reply, pretty steep but the finishing on them look top notch. Might investigate if I can get something made local in another/lighter material.

  • Long tail, kona, surly, term gsd kinda thing

  • £1588 ex Vat seems rather cheap for an ebike, though I haven't looked at the details.­rcycle-bike-2in1-urban-bike#/

  • Say whaaaaaat.

  • Yubba Spicy Curry is top of my list at the moment.

  • The gf claims to be in the low 50’s of the kilogram scale, but I don’t believe her. Did taxi service from/to and to/from train station and home. Blood warm and slow on the xtracycle. Beats any other way of travel. Would love a motor.

    In other news, I ordered some On-One Mike bars. I hope they aren’t too amazing or I’ll have to order a second set for whatever other bike I find myself riding.

  • Spotted solid looking cargo bike

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  • Looks like single speed. Someone has thighs of thunder.

  • Looks like a construction with loads of weak points to me. Happy to be proven wrong though

  • Exactly my thoughts.
    Folding out is great, but if that means your bike wobbles like crazy plus has a weak mechanism somewhere important, I have my doubts.

  • Also upon further reading it’s a front wheel motor. Do not want.

  • Snapped a spoke on my cargo bike - due to the Abus fixed rear wheel lock.

    Black, straight gauge type (pretty sure they are standard 14G and not 13G), either 222mm or 224mm

    Does anyone know where I can get spokes in London this week?

    EDIT: Spokes were 13G so apart from London Green Cycles, no-one carries them in London.
    Ordered from eBay, a Bristol shop does 4x spokes and nipples, cut to your length for £3.60 posted.­f-Four-Sapim-Leader-13g-Spokes-BLACK-Nip­ples/153576294962

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Cargo Bikes

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