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  • Anybody knows about wide- or sideloaders for the Surly Big Dummy? I know there are the old ones, which aren't available anymore from Xtracycles, and read that the new ones fit with the rail collars from Surly.

    I am thinking of just putting two tubes into these holes from the frame, fix them, and voila: can load some extra long things. Or am I missing something? Or are there some other ideas? Especially what to use: steel, aluminium. Diameter I think was 22mm or something like that.

  • I bought mine secondhand and they came with u tube style bars but I was told they were custom made (they're like xtracycle u tubes but more rounded)

    They're so handy as footboards and for storing things that if I didn't already have a set I'd be looking at buying or making a set for sure. They're for wide and/or heavy things rather than long things I find

  • @pdlouche thanks for the stabiliser recommendation. Ordered that exact one on Friday, came today and fitted just now. Seems to be perfect for the job! and the cheapest one I've seen too

  • I don’t think the new ones will fit at all with the Dummy even with Surly collars. I’ve been looking for one for ages but they are impossible to find. I’ve just got the Kid Corral which is great. Out of interest what kickstands are you using - I’m trying to find a two legged one that is better than the one legged one that I have but the only one that seems to cut it is the Rolling Jackass which is £££?

  • The Omnium kickstand is good. Still a bit pricey though

  • Thanks - I hadn’t seen that . That looks a bargain compared to the Rolling Jackass.

  • I have no kickstand yet, I am building the bike in the next weeks – almost all parts sourced. The Omnium Kickstand is not expensive, is it different to a Hebie central kickstand or similar ones in that form factor? Beside looking more fancy! Just if it is different or better / stable.

    Regarding the wide loaders or u-tubes it will be then a selfmade solution, to find the tubes in correct size, etc. Maybe some welding action, or just bending action.

    I thought first that lots of accesoires are available for the Big Dummy, from Surly or Xtracycles – but not easy to get parts in the end! There is a dealer here in our city, and one from Italy, but they can't get Xtracycles parts, or aren't online anymore. And I found one dealer in the UK, but haven't looked exactly – U-Tubes was like 'order and get whatever color we get'. I asked Surly about the wideloaders, and they said ask Xtracycles, who don't have those parts anymore.

  • I have the xtracycle kickback 1. It's an excellent stand but sadly no longer made

    If you fit all only xtracycle stuff to a big dummy frame then I think it all works fine, but if the surly cargo kit is fitted the xtracycle stuff isn't guaranteed to fit

    I heard the guys that designed the big dummy left when qbp bought it and the relationship broke down at that point. So it might work but xtracycle have their own bikes now so focus on that rather than looking at compatibility with other bikes

  • Where are you Madhias? Xtracycle can now ship direct to Europe and are quite good at getting back to you when you contact them. I was going to buy a Hooptie but Surly brought out the Kid Corral. It’s a shame about the wideloaders not being available/compatible anymore but Surly might bring their own version out although I’m not holding my breath as it took them 10 years to bring out the Kid Corral. Homemade bars might be the answer but that’s not something I could do. Do send some pics of your build.

  • Yes they are impossible to find now so looks like the only option is the Rolling Jackass but absurd money ! Have you got Xtracycle stuff on yours Ben ?

  • I have an older Surly Big Dummy (with the curved top tube) so it was designed to fit all the xtracycle stuff. I was lucky to buy it secondhand with all the bits I needed on it, the only thing I've added is the front wheel stabiliser.

    My u tubes were fabricated by really useful bikes, but everything else is xtracycle stuff. The pannier bags and U tubes are ace for carrying shopping, stuff or bagging and dragging another bike

    It's running a hub gear which is great for being able to change gear when static. It's definitely more draggy than a derailleur set up though.

    Ute's often come up on eBay, usually in 18in rather than 20in size. The only thing I heard about them is the 700c wheels put the load slightly higher up than on 26 or 20 inch bikes.

    I like the idea of getting a hooptie but in practice it would make the bike much bigger to store. The U tubes, being low, don't take up as much space when trying to get past the bike in my garage, and I have a wide and curved stoker bar on it which both kids can hold onto when on the bike

  • I am living in Vienna, Austria – I was in contact with Xtracycles, and even had the webshop shopping basket filled with all needed things. They recommended for shipping (which I used now for a Jones handlebar). In the end I ordered the Surly Cargo Kit, mainly thinking of the Kid Corral, and the deck seemed for me better or more modern.

    Will definitely post some pictures of the build! Currently it is just a frame (colored 'The Dark Side of the Maroon'), mounted headset, and a wheelset with cassette mounted but no tyres yet.

  • I think if you've gone the Surly route then only Surly kit will fit.

    I reckon the xtracycle stuff would work but might need some modification. Given xtracycle's cargo bike knowledge now i'd say their kit probably has the edge, but the Surly stuff is still good

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a cargo bike in the £1-2k range? It's for grocery shopping, nursery runs (very occasionally with 2 kids), and taking heavy rubbish to the tip. Our immediate area is very flat - the biggest hill is Lambeth Bridge.

    I've seen one of these in the wild and they look quite good for about £1,250. But they seem to be mostly out of stock.

  • There’s the Workcycles KR8 if you want a bakfiets style bike. For a more conventional long front cargo bike there’s the Bullitt.

    Quite a few listed here but I’ve got no idea how many of those you can get in this country:­-overview/

  • The bullits are £3k+ which is pretty hefty.

    A bakfiets style bike would probably do fine.

  • Have a look at eBay. There have been a few utes on there. Also quite a few bakfiets bikes too in that range

  • Check out the bikes in that link. A secondhand Pedal Power Long Harry will fit your budget. Mine owes me about £1500 all-in with all the current bling.

  • Bullitts start at £2460 with Nexus and £2750(ish) for Deore
    or you could get a framekit for £1560 and put together the rest of the bike with 2nd hand bits for under £500

    I know someone who will soon be selling a 2nd hand Omnium Cargo with Sram Rival and a few other higher end bits on it for around £1200

    Where are you based?

  • Speak to Jamie at SBC if you're keen for a Bullitt he's your guy.

    I'll post back up here when I know more about the Omnium, let me know if you're interested and I can find out details faster for you

  • I'm not sure about putting kids on an Omnium. The center of gravity seems a bit high.

    I'll want my wife to ride it, and our 3 year old weighs >20kg, so the torque difference between a high load platform and a low bucket could make a difference.

    I hate the way they look but the Babboe is £1,700 and looks pretty practical.

    I feel like if I'm going to break the budget I might as well go big and get what I really want (a STEPS Urban Arrow or Bullitt - although parking one of those outside in London would probably be a stupid mistake).

  • Omnium kid transporter attachment.

    I've ridden an omnium cargo with a person and their bike sat on the front a few times, the load seems high up when you first try it and sometimes when you slow down but once you're rolling it's easy.

    Omnium have an e version with Steps e8000 which wouldn't brake the bank (£3850)

    or the eBullitt e6000 is currently on 10% sale at some stockists (including us at Velo Domestique)

    plus if you happen to run a company/sole trader/partnership etc then you could be eligible for this eCargo bike grant so could claim a further 20% back. We've helped customers do this and get an e6000 Bullitt for around £3300

    Inbox me if you'd like more info/help

  • I’d be interested in this omnium, depending on size

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Cargo Bikes

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