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  • Give me a shout

    Very kind of you, will do if I ever get round to it!

  • motor for the back hub

    Friend had the bionix rear hub motor, it broke down and was replaced under warranty three times, fourth time they cut him off. Made me wary of hub motors. I'm sure your source makes a completely different product but anyway. Would be nice though as it seems so much cheaper than a mid engine!

  • Give me a shout


  • Made a little update post about my Omnium build after a month of (ab)use.

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  • Much to the chagrin of particular forumers, I’ve been acquiring the odd bike from the scrapyard. That’s been a relatively easy affair to remove wheels and bungee down to the platform on the XC.

    Today I decided to push the boat out a little and reattached the sidecar to carry a flight case. Had it been 10mm wider it wouldn’t have worked.

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  • ^ That's one of the Rodford bikes isn't it? They look great, but their website has no pricing info, and I can't imagine a short-run UK-built bike is going to be cheap...

  • Yeah, I thought exactly the same. Would love one though...

  • I saw on the BBC news this morning they were attributing part of the overall drop in bicycle sales to an increase in cargo bike sales.

  • Looks a lot like the donky bike

  • Yeah, same sort of deal. Can't get them anymore though, was looking a little while ago.

  • There’s been an overall drop in bread sales due to the increase in sandwich purchases.

  • part of the overall drop in bicycle sales to an increase in cargo bike sales.

    Bikes... cargo bikes...

    Oh never mind forget it

  • I love this forum.

  • Almost there.. just need to connect the brake and dress the cables

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  • ???

    They were saying there’s been a drop in sales of conventional bicycles, partly because more people are buying specialist bikes like cargo bikes instead. Can’t find the article.

  • These front hub motors look nice and simple...

    Where's your cargo going?

    Just I remember fucking about with the front hub motor Treks when I worked in a dealer. Lean back, pedal a little and spin up the front wheel. Would imagine an upright rear loaded cargo bike would do this almost all the time.

  • All set up, very fun!

    Managed to do 25mph on a slight incline with throttle only!

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  • Did you buy the motor new? How much is you don't mind me asking

  • Yeah I bought it from eclipse

    500W motor £350+ 17.8ah battery was £350

    You can get cheaper but I bought the biggest battery I could

  • Polo bikes have well and truly changed.

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Cargo Bikes

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