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  • yeah, I've always had a 406 20" wheel with the widest tyre I can find (plenty of clearance in the fork). Currently a Marathon Plus in 1.75".

  • @lmananimal Agreed, currently exactly the same as Jons. on mine.

  • Very hilly, very wet 26 mile round trip to pick up this trailer this morning. Aero level zero into a headwind on the way home. I’m utterly broken. But the trailer was free and there’s a stack of those supermarket crates to go back and pick up.

    I need to come back to ask about trailer hitches when my brain has some sugar in it.

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  • Ok, so this trailer is an old Trek jobbie that can do trailer duties and can convert into a slightly hilariously huge running stroller. It's missing the part of the hitch that attaches to the bike. It is long-obsolete and Trek don't do parts for them. The trailer arm has a ball on the end of it. Does anyone here have a Thule Chariot that they can measure the tow ball for me? If it's the same diameter as a Thule, I can simply buy one of these.

    Mine is 28.6mm ish, which I reckon is 1 1/8”

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  • Does anyone here have a Thule Chariot that they can measure the tow ball for me? If it's the same diameter as a Thule, I can simply buy one of these.

    Mine is 28.6mm ish, which I reckon is 1 1/8”

    Can confirm that the Thule Chariot has a 28mm-ish ball

  • I had a go on bullitt yesterday .. now I think I need one

    anyone here has a mod for a child car seat?

  • Base plate and a couple of innertubes should do the trick. I don't know if the side are still available but that should provide a safety element too.

  • Or buy an Omnium with the Yepp adapter plate?

  • Omnium

    i'll need to test ride. Bullitt amazing to ride, hardly felt that it wasn't a normal bike ..

  • I received a 500w bafang mid drive motor and battery for my cargo bike today, will update when fitted

  • I wanted to buy a Bullitt for years, and was very close to when I moved to CPH and could have one at trade price. Then I tried the Omnium (both reg and Mini Max) there was not a doubt that's the one I had to get. The handling is just amazing full stop.

    Plus, statistically, all the cool kids are on Omniums.

  • will see if I can test ride one .. I think @laner has one .. might be 'mini'

  • You can have a go on my Omnium if you want.

  • will PM, thanks

  • Nice. I’m torn between a mid and a rear wheel drive on the XC. Erring toward the rear wheel, since I could purchase one of the 20” fat bike kits. I will also need it around 500-1000 or it’ll never have the Nm to survive loaded use. Keen to limit the speed but not the pull.

  • Just posted about our Bullitt over here...­77/?offset=175#comment14789715

    Bloody love it. But then again, it's not off the peg because...well...Gavin. Chris King, custom stem, Omata set-up and a machined Isofix car seat adapter. SNAZZY.


    Indeed, very nice.

  • @M_A_X @pdlouche please spend lots of time and money on these things and report back so I know which to choose.

  • I only have one of those two things to spend, and it’s the wrong one.

    You may be interested in what Woosh bikes advised me about mids, though:

    The most torquey is of course the BBSHD, then BBS02 then 48SWX02.

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  • Hey, i have a buillitt and when my little one was in a car seat i put it in rear facing with the base secured with giant racket straps. then slide the seat into place like you would do in a car with a seat belt. i also have the canopy which added a bit of security. or maxi cosi do a frame like the one picture- i didnt have a maxi cosi car seat so didn't use one

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  • I've ridden a few bullits loaded and unloaded, but for normal bike feelz, omnium takes the cake and makes bullit feel like a freighter @amey

    I've just got my self a Mini max Ti, and im loving it. Makes parental leave quite a bit better ;)­FoQ

    more (to come) in my CP thread

  • Why minimax over cargo? They're about the same price and I'm looking at both as well as the bullit. Not ready to pull the trigger yet so would be interested to know your reasoning.

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Cargo Bikes

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