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  • One for the weight-weenie Omnium owners: carbon steerer with cut-out stem to hold the steering rod.

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  • More pics pls.

  • Not mine I'm afraid, it's from the FB Omnium owners' page. I'll post more as if and when available.

  • What's the deal with weight-weenie cargo builds? Just 'cuz?

  • To carry an extra couple of kilos of cargo 😉

  • Because every little helps. I've built mine with mostly heavy parts but a few components are quite light and I've been debating whether it's worth losing a kilo by replacing some parts.

    Climbing can be tiring when loaded,
    and shaving some weight off might not be very noticeable but it'll make a difference.

  • Some people like tinkering I guess. Also, for some people (me included) this is their daily / commuter first and foremost (as in not carrying stuff most of the time), and a lighter bike can potentially be more enjoyable to ride in that respect.

  • I don’t think shedding a kilo off a 25kg bike would make any noticeable difference. Heavy gon be heavy, might as well suck it up and bolt on another rack in my opinion!

    (Says the man with the lighter aluminium version)

  • @tomppa @MCamb what rim/wheel size do you guys use with the clydesdale fork? Seems there are a few 20 inch varieties.

  • If you have the option definitely go with 406mm, massive difference in available tire choices.

  • It's nowhere near 25kg though?

  • Which one, the weenie Omnium or mine? Mine is best part of 25kg. A kilo off just gets soaked up when I stick on a box or isofix base!

  • Also @tomppa @MCamb how'd you get yours? Shipping + VAT + import charges are going to be a lot it seems.

  • my 20inch wheel is 406

    Was lucky and picked one up of a fellow forumer

  • Thanks. Ah, missed that bit, @andyfallsoff where'd you get it then? Can't find a european dealer. There's also this but they don't ship overseas at all apparently.

  • Interesting bike found by a guy supporting XR protest taking a Donkey style cargo bike and increasing load capacity

  • He also got it through the forum :)

  • For the zaftig maybe you could message them direct about shipping? They might be up for it

  • Yea my front wheel for the Crust fork is also 406 / 20 inch. I bought it from Taylor Wheels, there's pretty cheap ready built wheels in all sizes.

    I live in Finland and, of course, it wasn't cheap purchase because shipping from US and the customs charges. But for my use, it was worth the cost :) and it's rad as hell!!

  • He also got it through the forum


  • it was worth the cost

    Hmmm. Have asked a local framebuilder if they could do something similar. At $250+ $75 shipping + VAT and customs I think it should be possible to come in at less but who knows.

  • weenie Omnium, my Ti mini maxi is just over 15kg. A carbon steerer would drop that by a reasonable about I should think.

  • Redfox in Copenhagen is doing something similar at the mo.

  • Well, now. Interesting!

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Cargo Bikes

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