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  • @BrickMan got any experience in retrofitting an e-motor to a bullitt?

  • @BrickMan i was wondering the same thing, my Bullitt is great but fully loaded on the hills can be a problem. i've seen a couple of options but them seem expensive.

  • Afraid not.
    Would say the best is a Swiss something motor on the front wheel? And then a huge flat battery under the tray. For £1500 you could build a powerful fwd kit with around 1000wH quality battery.
    Loving the steps system, gives full power right throughout battery range which evry single electric assist bike I've ever ridden before does not, they all tail off noticbaly after half battery is consumed.
    Today I glided home after hours in the sleet and rain doing mobile bike mechanics, just put it in boost, span the cranks and ended up at home.

    There is a lower spec e6100 with nexus 5 speed (e bike specific hub) coming out this year at some point. Rumoured to be around £4000-4300 in UK if there still is a UK by then. Will have no screen and more simple parts.
    There is an e6100 with alfine 8 coming in Feb, at least there will be some, price is the same as e6000 currently is, spec to be confirmed!
    The nexus 5 I can see selling in good numbers. For most using the assist only having 5 gears makes progress a lot simpier, much less gear changing. Also suspect there will be an auto mode.
    Was given a free electric bike last week, only has a nexus 3 speed but in reality this works pretty well for just cruising about and getting things done.

  • Cheers for the lowdown!

    £1500 is quite steep though, esp considering an eBullit was £1000 more when I got mine. Should've just gone all in huh...

    I assume it's one of those things where you either invest and do it properly or it's pointless. Getting something cheap for say £500 (still loadsa monies) will just disappoint you.

  • Depends where you live or plan to ride tbh. (or what loads you plan to transport)

    We recently took delivery of a Gates Alfine 8 Bullit after testing Alfine 11 and the e8000 variants. It's perfect for what we use it for, child hauling and trips to local shops where it's too much faff to take the car. We live just outside Ghent and the only hill we would have the chance of climbing is in the centre and is perfectly doable fully loaded in the second to lowest gear.

    I do still need to have a look on how to convert it to extralite summer touring mode with other wheels and maybe an xt chainset if I can find one used for cheaps.

  • Where we are it's mostly flat, but it's rural and the best grocery store is 12km away. The idea was to build a wider box to fit both kids and a few bags of groceries, and then do the shopping by bike. It's possible now, but if it's a headwind it gets a bit too far.

    I should prob just toughen up though. As usual.

  • If its not mad hilly then something cheap will work, maybe never feel quite as integrated but there are lots of couriers out there who have been riding cheap conversions for years now.
    Seen those battery assist trailers? They push you a little bit

  • if there still is a UK by then

    did lolz, in a sad but true kind of way.

  • I think I'll start by extending the box and then spend the rest of my money on oats, eggs and htfu

  • Or on another bike to go fast with ;)

  • Just placed a deposit for am E6100 eBullitt with @BrickMan. Excited to get this under the Energy Saving Trust loan scheme up here in Scotland.

    I've started to plan security options as I'll not want to be taking this up the 2 flights of steps to my flat. One element I'm looking into is wheel security skewers. Now @BrickMan mentioned that the front QR isn't a normal standard but there is one option out there for a security skewer that is compatible.

    Does anyone have a link? He thought it was from one of the larger German LvH distributors.

  • Another kids cargo bike. £180. Not bad.

  • We have a similar adult version and it's utter shit. Wouldn't want my kids on a smaller version of it tbh

    That one might be better though, so don't write it off based on our poor choice of cargo bike :)

  • I was going to suggest these too :)

  • Just what I’d be looking for. Didn’t come up on google search.

  • Pitlock are the german ones you are referring to I think. Have been meaning of getting one for the front and slipped my mind.

    Just ordered one! :)

  • Bagged myself a second hand Christiania bike, I am missing a silver mudguard on the right hand side (plus fixings) any ideas where to get one, London Green Cycles seems to be the main place but those sort of spares aren't listed, I'll drop them a note but any other ideas are welcome.

  • Lean to the left when it's raining?

  • Makes little difference, it's far more of an aesthetic issue.

  • Hexlock are rider owned + offer courier discounts for those of you who care about such things.

  • Did my first nursery run on the Omnium this morning. 6 miles and it felt like the coldest morning of the winter so far but the little one was fast asleep after 2 mins.

    The route has about half a mile of nasty fast ran run road to deal with but for the most part the drivers where giving me more room them normal, which was a nice change.

  • Subbed for later. Would love a cargo, no dollar, no local for sellz.

  • Any idea what the discount is?

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Cargo Bikes

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