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  • Sun-Ringle makes some 28h models.

  • It can sometimes be tricky finding a 406 with a hole count lower than 36.

    Get a 48h rim and lace it to a 24h hub?

    I have a wheel that goes the other way, a 48h bmx rim laced to a 24h rim from an Easton wheel that had a shagged freehub and was getting tossed by the owner.

  • Sounds like a 36h xt hub is the least faffy and stronger option

  • Most likely. Just if you want low spoke counts there are options.

  • I used an SLX 1x11 groupset on my Bullitt if you wanted to reduce the budget a bit. I've been very impressed with it.

    Mudguards maybe on the build?

  • If I was building a cargo bike I'd want to build the strongest wheels I could, we break spokes all the time on the bullits we use for work. It's really easy to do when you hit a pot hole or speed bump with a heavy load. A low spoke count doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

  • I am having issues with my Douze Cargo bike again.

    This time, the MPF Drive display is dead so I can't use the electric assistance.

    The full bike was replaced under warranty about 15 months ago so technically it is still under EU 24 months warranty, however Douze are dragging their feet and sent me a 113€+VAT invoice to get a spare display.

    Has anyone got contacts at MPF? That's the second time the display needs replacing in my 24 months ownership - I don't use the bike much and remove it so it doesn't stay outside overnight.

  • Still have this if anyone's on the look out for a bullitt!

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  • What a nightmare Vince! That's an expensive bit of kit not in operation... Cheeky of Douze invoicing you! :O

    Good luck and hope you get the beast back on the road where it belongs!

  • +1 regarding low spoke count. I've broken quite a few spokes on our Douze in the 22 months we have owned it. Love the idea of building a lightweight cargo bike, but not at the expense of practicality, that's why I'd chuck in mudguards and dynamo lights meaning you can ride it anytime in all weathers...

  • We have an omnium mini-max in a medium which you're welcome to come take for a test spin at Velo Domestique

    Also the front wheel rims we use (and someone here was talking about) are the Halo EX3s which come in a 32 or 36h. These are BMX race rims so they're not super wide, pretty light and really strong. We have some in stock ready for builds

  • New scheme just launched in Scotland to provide every (!?#) household and business with access to upto £6000 interest free to purchase an E-cargo or E-bike.

    However. I just want to get a frame and maybe shimano steps and then put together rest of it myself, as I'm a workshop with access to all the goodies, so no point paying retail at another shop for stuff I can already get, for better pricing...

    Fancy a bullit + steps 800 (or whatever the highest output version is + big battery) and then build the rest out of what I can get for sensible money. Will see occasional use, not courier use, so shimano 1x11 deore or XT, or sram GX or NX 11 is adequate.

  • Will you carry kids?

  • No
    Least not mine (don't have any), dogs maybe though...

  • Have you got a link to this scheme?

  • You'd be better off with an Omnium, more fun to ride with no / moderate load. The Steps version is on its way.

  • Really not a fan of the omnium, weight is too high off the deck and also not that big/ not as many tie down options. Live in Glasgow where the roads are worse than anywhere (BrickFact).

    Mostly hauling boxes from parcel drop off shops as courier companies CBA to deliver on time or even at all. Moving customer bikes around (on the front or on a trailer behind) occasionally and hauling car parts, which are usually heavy and super awkward shapes­land/grants-loans/ebike-loan

  • Not going to argue that a lower weight would be easier to handle, and if it's just to haul stuff around for short distances I get why you'd prefer a Bullitt. Saying that, I've yet to see a bigger load on a Bullitt that I haven't seen on an Omnium before.

  • Not sure if it was rideable but I'm sure I saw a picture of an Omnium with a sofa on the front not long ago

  • Biggest load ive had on my bullitt copy, 1000mm wide chest freezer. I reckon an omnium could take more/bigger cargo with less awkwardness

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  • Biggest load

    There should be a monthly contest with that theme in this thread!

  • would a big trailer do the job? eg

    (no affiliation to the company)

  • Let the man have his cargo bike!

  • Here's my entry.

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Cargo Bikes

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