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  • Awesome Bullitt. Great setup! My boy would love that bike solely based on the colour.

  • Bullitt build complete. Dog just about coming around to enjoying himself in it, daughter a work in progress.

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  • Classy lookin'!

  • Bullitt build complete. Dog just about coming around to enjoying himself in it, daughter a work in progress.

    Looking very nice!
    Good luck with your daughter!
    : ]

  • Tricked out šŸ˜Ž

  • Very nice. Great colour

  • I'm on the seach for a cargo if anyone selling please let us know.

  • I have a well loved Christiania if that's the kinda thing you're after..

  • Proper nice bits on that! :) Have a love-hate relationship with our Alfine 8, but seeing the XT groupo on that makes me crave the performance of proper derailleur gears! Brakes must be awesome too...

    Good luck getting your daughter onboard, I'm sure she'll come around and soon you will all be bombing around the place with big grins, dog included.

  • Thanks all, forgot to mention big debt owed to SBC Cycles.
    @jamiekirkham was brilliant throughout, from sourcing everything Bullitt (even delivering via a bullitt) and building my wheels.
    @markskulls_sbc_cycles also very calmly talked me through how the front headset worked when i thought id completely fucked it up and was not in a good place mentally.

  • XT is so impressive i have to say, the ease of installation and quality shifting is proper reassuring.
    I am yet to get close to needing 32*46T though and i doubt the bike would be very stable at that on a slow climb with two passengers. Larger chain ring in order i think.
    Brakes are mint, I can't comment on how good XT or Saint would have been but felt like I should go all out with 3 of us and a worried mum riding behind.

  • The gearing probably is a little on the low-side. I guess it depends on how many hills you have around you/how much you end up carrying load-wise. A long-gaunt on a cargo bike certainly can tire the legs, but that's probably more my issue wanting to ride it like at 'normal' bike speeds! :)

    I upgraded our brakes with 180mm discs (which i think you have) as I wanted more power, just watch out in the wet when bike is unloaded as front locks-up very easily, something worth testing without precious loads onboard! I ride our bike all year round including rain/ice/snow and have just about stayed upright 100% of the time so far despite some seriously dodgy conditions.

    Liking the new sleek headset on the Bullitt, not sure what they have done, but keep wondering if I could do a similar thing on the Douze?

  • Or if you prefer two wheels, I have a Workcycles Kr8 Bakfiets that my girls have almost grown out of.

  • Yeah 183 rear and 203 front.
    I installed the steering dampener which is on maximum stiffness just to avoid jerkiness under braking.
    Sound proper dedicated riding in ice and snow, but i guess theres a certain charm to a bike like this that makes it quite attractive to do so.

    Headset was smart, one big screw down cap for preload with an allen key to tighten, mark described it as being quill-stem-like.

  • @jamiekirkham

    That should be @J-Kirkham-SBC-Cycles.

  • This picture has pretty much confirmed Iā€™m getting an omnium

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  • 27.5 X 1.6" fits with plenty of space in the rear end of my omnium. Bit of a drop in bottom bracket height will take some getting used to with 175mm cranks. Anyone know of a 27.5 x 1.8" tyre that's cargo bike suitable?

  • Out of curiosity how old/big are your kids? On the lookout for something similar but unsure for how long I could schlep my girls in it. Mine are 5 and 3.

  • I have seen one with a WTB horizon which seems to fit fine (also with mudguard). As long as it fits any tyre is cargo bike suitable, no? Couriers here use Schwalbe Shredda and the original Kendas on the front, both of which being pretty soft after all.

  • More about a lack of knobbies and something reasonably puncture proof and durable. I've been using Schwalbe Marathon Supremes for the past few years and am happy with the compromise between rolling resistance and puncture protection (they even used to make a matching 20" tyre for the front). Obviously Marathon Pluses are great if you never want to fix a puncture, but they ride as if you were pushing through treacle.

    Those WTB Horizons do look like an option though, thanks!

  • Twins, 5 and a half. School is now walking distance, so I no longer have to do the three miles uphill to nursery (not that uphill, but the cargo magnifies any slope!). Totally fine for utility runs into town; I reckon the limiting factor is going to be space on the bench, maybe another year or so.

  • Heart melts from the mental image.

    I'd love to get my little one on a cargo bike but it's not high on the list of purchases right now.

  • They are awesome, and the girls love ours. I can't find any recent pictures right now; this one's nearly three years old. Like the back seat of a car, the bike is great at lulling them to sleep...

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Cargo Bikes

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