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  • I think they are really cool - not good looking but really cool.
    I'd quite like to do my engineering internship in their Copenhagen office.

  • I would like to get a bespoke alloy box from my (long) Douze.

    The one I have is just a bog standard rectangular one AluBox one.

    I would like to be able to fit more and remove the top bit so I can do more.

    Any advice?

  • Spotted a chap riding his doggy around on the front of one of these yesterday! Shepperdess Walk N1.

  • I don't know the name of the company that makes the boxes for our Bullitts at work but they're all custom made I believe. I'll try and find out for you. They're decent enough!

  • Thank you! I will look into it!

    EDIT: Email them to ask

  • Any advice?

    get a bag.

  • get a bag.

    I would if I was carrying large soft things of low value that can get wet.

    I use my bike to carry champagne which I need to stack up in cases.
    Currently I can fit 2x2 = 4 cases at the bottom and stack them 3 high so that's 12 cases of 6 bottles = 72 bottles (roughly 120kg).

    With a box a tad wider, I could fit 2x3 = 6 cases stacked up 3 times, that's 18 cases of 6 bottles = 108 bottles (roughly 180kg).

    Box need to be lockable so people don't steal Champagne while I am delivering.

    Also would like mounts for a bottle holder and a speaker holder on it.
    And being able to remove the top completely so I can carry a human or a dog.

  • Yeah , actually, don't get a bag, get a box.

    I just remember clattering around on a Bullitt with a poorly sized box that meant anything big had to be strapped to the top, and anything small rattled around inside. There wasn't much the right size. And a head, or side, wind was horrible.

  • @Vince
    Won't you be going way over the maximum recommended load for the Douze? I think it's 120kg... I've had up to about 80kg in the front of mine and you certainly feel the bike flex around a lot with a heavy load. Makes sense to make best use of the available space you have. I'd upgrade the rotor size on the discs to help braking with such big loads... I had 160mm DIA rotors and they weren't good enough so now have 180mm DIA, although I know the Tektro levers & calipers aren't great but I just can't keep spending more and more money on bikes... :)

  • This is pretty cool, didn't know about bullits being designed for festool boxes originally:­llitt/

    Makes me want to be a Danish carpenter just because. Fakepenter.

  • Moved to Copenhagen and purchased a 2nd hand Cangoo Poopal for 3000 dkk (350 GBP) all seems great if at the slightly cheaper end of the market. Anyone had good/bad expereinces with these?

  • Does the shampers need a resting period after being carried on a bike? I imagine that it'd get a bit bounced around no?

  • The unofficial max load is 300kg all in so you're all good (including rider).

    I have electricity assistance so that gives me a push at the start and prevents wobbling / hard handling at the lights.

    No issues with the Tektro Gemini brakeset in mine, even at full load.

  • The centre of gravity is actually really low so no proper bouncing as such.

    All journeys are short so no resting period needed.

    If you place an order, I can demonstrate ;-)

    FYI - We recommend 10 days resting for overseas shipping.
    Usually customs take that long anyway.

  • If you place an order, I can demonstrate ;-)

    If I place an order - and you deliver it by cargo bike - it'd kill you, I'm in Glasgow ;-)

    That's cool to know though, cheers.

  • Unsure if it helps your situation but we use an ex MOD mess box (aluminium and lockable with handles) on our Omnium (it is conveniently the exact width of the front rack) which we have used zinc P clips with the nuts on the inside of the box meaning it's easy to take the box off if you have a key but if you don't you can't.

    I'll post a photo soon.

    I'm not sure it'd quite be big enough for what you're after but it's a sturdy, lightweight and cheap (£40ish) solution for a cargo box

    We've had customers who want custom racks/boxes for Omniums in the past and just used local fabricators, not hugely expensive if you're after something simple but specific.

  • Good to know the Douze can handle such a crazy weight. Think my legs would certainly struggle especially on an incline. Seen the pictures of your Douze you've posted previously, hope the updated electric assist is behaving itself and reliable these days.

    I think the issue I have is that I keep trying to ride our cargo bike like an ordinary bike and being a long time racing cyclist I can't help but want to go fast, hence the need to slow down at pretty rapidly at times.

    Those Metallics boxes look great, think once our boy has outgrown the cargo bike I'd be keen to put a hard box like them on. Good luck with the project!

  • These boxes

    If you have any MOD pals apparently they're pretty easy to 'borrow' from work

  • I use my bike to carry champagne which I need to stack up in cases.

    I have the solution:

  • Popal, freudian slip. It seems fine, i doubt i´d want to use it as a daily workhorse but for big shops, ikea trips and the odd boozy taxi it´s working great.

  • Thanks for the idea - I already have an AluLock aluminium box which is pretty much the same.­ox-pro

    Pretty sure mine is­x-pro/alubox-80-x-60-x-60-cm-pro-3149-x-­2362-x-2362

    Ideally I want someone in london who could modify mine or get a special order one specified.

    EDIT - I have emailed AluLock to see if a "lid removal" kit was available.

  • Does anyone fancy meeting for a beer next week? Would be good to get together and see what bikes we all have and maybe give some people interested in purchasing a cargo bike a chance to see them and get some advice. And it’s and excuse to have a beer.

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Cargo Bikes

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