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  • have you got a bosch motor? assuming its a gen2 from the size -
    if so buy sprocket by KMC or bosch

    crank arm comes off as normal, lockring for the chainring needs a chain whip and (special?) lockring tool. theres a little o ring underneath the lockring i think that you need to get out before whipping the cog off.

  • Has anyone in the UK got their hands on a Bullitt XL yet?

  • Parts ordered. Cheers.
    Also, found YouTube how to vid

  • Has anyone in the UK got their hands on a Bullitt XL yet?

    Neko Couriers have one. Possibly sourced through SBC?

  • Cool thanks, I'll ask them.

  • Yeah two manual ones gone out to courier types who will no doubt put their own e conversion on it. Long but not too long. Literally ideal for folk who just a bit more space. Actual load capacity is the same as before. Has the new steering arm which was already good, but new one is very nice.

    Ebike version I think is now out and in stock in Copenhagen if you want some.

  • I just charge what it takes, no such thing as flat rate in my shop, if its a bigger job, its a bigger job, if it didn't take that much I charge less. Firm believer in a fair price for a fair job.

    Rohloff oil change only inc genuine oil /flush kit is £35
    To flush out both brakes, true wheels, check all the bolts, new cable on rear mech, adjust headset and maybe rake out the freehub and apply correct grease and all the usual bike related stuff you'd be about £80
    If customer brings full cargo with 6"deep layer of child gunk so I can't get to any bolts to remove accessories then yeah add time and cost.
    If customer is considerate, then gsd aren't bad to work on for all the moaning I do about them. It's just all the qc issues on new ones that boils my piss.

    Custom wheel build is£35 labour usually. More for boutique dyneena spoke, carbon rim fancy boi stuff.
    Is Glasgow Bike Hive

  • If customer brings full cargo with 6"deep layer of child gunk so I can't get to any bolts to remove accessories then yeah add time and cost.

    I am 100% not this guy.

    Good points though, I'd love a menu like that. Rather than £195+vat as flat fee.

  • I’ve just spotted another broken spike on my bullitt rear wheel. What am I looking at for a new wheel/wheel build/ new car?

  • Is the jump from alfine to Rohloff worth it? Does it really change the experience?

  • I haven't ridden a Alfine for a while, but Rohloff will probably outlive ten Alfines with slightly better range and performance.

  • I would say it depends on your use case and where you use it.

    If you have the budget and want the gear range, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Also if you are using in hilly areas with a mid drive motor and big loads I’d say it’s even more reason to get it. It’s a sick hub but very expensive.

  • Ok, thats good context. Have the chance to buy one cheap but don’t really have a better reason to buy than it’s super cheap. Was thinking it might have a good home on my longtail cargo. It’s presently a front drive but I’ll likely upgrade to a mid once that dies.

  • I think I'd consider a Rohloff when my 5 speed Nexus dies. It's all very integrated into the Steps computer though, can they be reprogrammed to take non-di2 drivetrain?

  • wont work, you peasant

  • Presumably it would work with cable shifting?

  • It will, what’s the cable routing on the bike you’re putting it on? Ideally it needs to hold two full length outers all the way to the hub on the non drive side.

    And if buying / fitting yourself read the Rohloff manual to confirm which axle plate will work for your setup!

  • I've used both quite a lot and the Rohloff is definitely better. Having said that, I probably wouldn't spend my own money on one. I never had a failure on the Alfine that made the bike anywhere close to unrideable, although my knees were quite regularly bruised from having the gears slip when I was out of the saddle, banging in to any manner of oddly shaped angles on the cockpit of a Bullitt. An Alfine needs more looking after than a Rohloff and won't give you the same range of gears or ride as nicely but is pretty much fine.

  • I have rented a non electric babboe city through peddle my wheels as I want to see if using a cargo will help with school drop offs and how much kiddo would love/hate it. I live in West Norwood so quite hilly, how much / quickly will I regret it?


    I wonder are the ticket prices an April Fools joke?

  • Makes sense. Either way the deal i was offered is so cheap i can flip it for 3-5x so i can have my fun and flip it if its bot for me

  • Is this on a Rohloff? If you've got a good deal definitely go for it! The only thing that would stop me getting one is the price.

  • @BrickMan do you work in SBC?

    SBC replaced a rear wheel and brakes for me and ended up charging me less than they had originally quoted, as they were able to reuse some pieces. Very rare that a shop does that. I am happy to recommend them to others as fair and honest about the work that they do.

  • Yes, i have to buy a whole bike and then get the hub rebuilt into the correct size wheel but still even with all of that the whole deal is 50% of the price of used hubs where i live so i dont see a downsize. IF i can flip the rest of the bike net cost will be basically zero

  • As long as it's geared low enough, you'll be fine. If you even slightly enjoy it, it would be a million times better/quicker with a motor.

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Cargo Bikes

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