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  • Perhaps just a stronger casing/flanges for the additional weight, rather than internals?

    Did you kill the hub or just the 3-pawls freewheel?

  • The gear internals, the freewheel was fine. Seems the common failure from forums – the hub seizes and cant shift gear, as well as slipping internally (not freehub) and extreme friction when coasting.

    FWIW Replacement wheel was £450, with 2 year warranty. I also bought breakdown cover for cargo bikes from ETA (£24) so I don't have to worry too much if it fails again.

  • It sold for £2550. That's a pretty cheap price for that, would you say?

  • worth every penny :)

  • New Trek looks like yeah, half way to an urban arrow family, but the weight, 75kg bare? That can't be right. Even the UA family is only just over 50kg bare and thats a tank.

    Seat design/ upside down bike helmet box is a useful thing for most families for sure. Not great for other cargo use, but for those folk wanting a plug and play long john bike might be a good contender. Envilio heavy duty good to see, lots of folk like these CVT hubs, just wish they lasted a big longer, hopefully HD + commercial versions with a belt drive will make them into the ideal go to drivetrain of choice for hard working cargo's.

  • Cheap way to injure yourself or others

    Looks fun though!

  • Just bought this to attempt some longer rides with the dog:

    Is there any reason I shouldn't drill the front fork to use cantis front and back?

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  • you are a nutter

  • definitely, very cheap!

  • Probably better off Just buying a different cargo fork. Second hand they dont go for much (i bought several under 30$)

  • You'll want a good life insurance plan too.

  • Wish-ass Packster 70.

  • Just to confirm...I just set up the 20" urban on the front of the Omnium. Aired up straight away with no sealant, valve core still in etc. Held the air the whole time until I popped the bead off to put sealant in there and properly seal it.
    Disappointed they don't do bigger in 20" size, but I'll see how I get on with the 2" anyway.

  • Thanks for that. Yes, they're a good tyre (I run them on my Brompton), I guess they're not aware of the mixed-use potential of them. Now I just need a few spare mins to give the tubeless a go.

  • This seems to be common trend with a lot of the more recent new-comers to the market. They're almost so heavy as to make them completely reliant on the motor-assist, whereas the Bullit is one of the lightest out there and, I imagine, not too heavy to pedal unassisted.

  • 26" and 20" in 2.4" width would be awesome.

  • Yup. I mean TBF most users are going to turbo mode all the time, its only us lot on here that want to actually pedal our own bikes along.

  • Looks absolutely dreamy but would be about £1,500 for the hub / Gates carrier so difficult to justify for a 6 years old Douze @amey

  • Just upgraded my lights to the B&M IQS and the fancy new rear light with a brakelight function. Sooo much better than stock.

    Also, if anyone needs a set of e bike lights, let me know. Happy to swap for a beer.

  • I guess a Rohloff hub is a lifetime investment? If you ever got rid of the Douze you could put it on another bike, then another... I keep dreaming about having one to stop me cursing about the ratio jumps in our Alfine 8, but cannot justify getting one as to be honest the Alfine 8 is OK (we’re on our 2nd in +5 years of riding our Douze). Just don’t test ride one, because you’ll want one!

  • Guess who has to take their GSD to London Bridge from Thornton Heath for a service and forgot to charge the battery last night? Luckily downhill a lot of the way there. Is it cheeky to ask them to charge the battery before I collect if I'm paying for a full fat service? Don't really fancy Brixton Hill with no motor.

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Cargo Bikes

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