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  • You'd have to live somewhere without ANY inclines to get away with a singlespeed Nihola imo - even if it does come with 250w of assistance.
    I had no problem picking up the inside wheel on a fully loaded postal Nihola going around corners (~100kg rider + 50-60kg of mail in the front), so tipping might a concern still.
    On the contrary I've never felt like I was tipping over on our Bullitt.
    Black Iron Horse might be the best option.

  • I think that a lot of riders new to cargo bikes, once they've tried a trike with 2 wheels at the front, realise that they're more likely to tip over on one of those.

  • We've had two niholas (switched the standard family for an electric 4.0 recently) and we love them.
    They understeer like crazy at any kind of speed and it's trivial to pick up the inside wheel (but they're remarkably stable on two wheels) but that only happens when I'm riding it and I've never had it tip (or feel like it's coming close) with kids on board.
    The akerman steering takes a bit of getting used to but I much prefer it to a hinged Christiana type box trike. They are pretty heavy but the way the design puts most of the weight over the front wheels means you can pick it up by the saddle and pivot it around much easier than any other trike I've ridden.
    They're not particularly fast (even with the motor) but IMHO they're a huge amount of fun

  • Good to hear, ill admit we dont reallllly need another as we currently have 2 longjohns and a longtail but finding something she will use has been a challenge and kid did not like the longjohn so we soldier on and i get to sell the longjohns when spring comes

  • New bike day, Yula El Mundo. Kids really loved the school run this morning!

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  • Haha busted! I'm just playing catch-up now. Great meeting you the other day.
    Hello everybody, big up on this forum.

  • There's an Urban Arrow that's always parked in front of Oru Space in East Dulwich.

    I cycled past yesterday and the rear frame had been bent around 25 degrees. Looks like the rear frame was hit by a vehicle while parked on the Sheffield stands.

    Anyone here?

    19 A2216­5

  • I saw that shortly after it happened, the car in question had hit the UA, flattened a row of bike stands, another bike and damaged the phone box. They’ve since fixed the phone box and stands (moving them to the other side of the phone box as well so they aren’t on the corner). Took a photo of the vehicle and made a police report. Happened a good while ago and it doesn’t seem like the UA has been moved yet by the owner

  • Hey everyone, I am looking for outdoor bike covers for the following:

    1 x Bullitt
    1 x Christiana Light


  • double bike cover from decathlon has served me well (thanks @cake)­-cover-for-2-bikes/_/R-p-304094

  • I have a bike parka cargo on my bullitt, I don't really have experience with loads of covers but I rate it it. It's lightweight and packs down to nothing when I take it off. With the adjustable straps it wraps tight around the bike so no water pools on it.

  • The qr cam on my rear wheel is fucked. QR thru axle novatec. I’ve been in touch with BDop and they don’t have one.

    What do I need my rear bullitt wheel to be?
    Can I buy off the shelf or is it some sort of elite selling kru thing?

  • My Bullitt from Paris

  • Hi all. As someone very new to cargo bikes I'm looking for a bit of advice. An independent grocery store needs a cargo bike for local deliveries. We need something that could probably handle around 30kgs cargo max. We want as many staff members as possible to be able to ride it, so it shouldn't be too challenging. It would need to go up the occasional hill. Parts/maintenance should be easy to come by. Are there any bikes in particular that fit the bill for this kind of use?

  • this is small and capable....maybe too expensive for what it is­er-65/

  • Picked up a second hand nihola for my wife today, kid seems to love it. Same kid hated riding in gazelle long john, go figure. Going to convert from nexus igh to 8-9speed shimano and a 250w rear hub drive. Should be more than enough. Easiest wiill basicly just be for starts and hills. Our driveway and one road on the school run qualifies.

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  • Omnium mini (step through variant)?

    Urban arrow shorty?

    What size cargo would you be carrying? Budget?

  • More likely 1000 W

  • I don't think so, I think that's 10,000W. If he's being truthful and it can go up to 50mph. Looks like a beast!

  • Wowzer, would like to have a go

  • Fucking hell. It's been a couple of years since I've ridden a Bullitt but I used to have the front wheel flopping about quite dramatically at anything over 15mph. A Bullitt doing 50mph sounds like a recipe for shitting yourself.

  • Yeah coming down college road and any of those types with the kids in is hilarious.

  • I think I’d like bigger rotors / more powerful brakes for a 10,000W ebike that can go 50mph

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Cargo Bikes

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