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  • Didn't know that. There's no room to move wheel forward without tyre rubbing on mudguard but could probably have moved it back to tighten the chain. Anyway the chain tensioner works really well

  • Ah amazing, it was only the forks that I thought were home modified going by the finish of the welding (admittedly way better than mine!). Did you mod the forks to get a disc on the front? I've gather that the frame is a Babboe- do you know which model?

    Really looking forward to getting it up and running, its currently stripped so I can treat all the rust and then will be rebuilt :)

  • Check out Asguard sheds, they have lots of sizes that should cover most cargo bikes. Some are insurance rated which is handy.

  • Anti close-pass accessory

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  • Does anyone have a source for a reasonably priced carbon 20 inch rim? 32 hole? I'm tempted to make my new cargo build a bit fancy.

  • As a solution for carrying mainly a 9month old + stuff around town over the coming winter, does anyone here have useful criticism of a non-electric, short wheelbase Bakfiets/Babboe etc style Long John?

    I think that's what we're after (cheap-ish at maybe £500-£1000, enclosed, live in flat area) but before diving in, any thoughts would be much appreciated. We have a Melia type-thing we'd strap him into.


  • Workcycles Fr8? You might find one second hand for the top end of your budget.

    Ours isn't electric and gets us most places. We use it as a car replacement. Climbing hills is challenging but great training

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  • Unsurprisingly, you will need to acquire the steering cables.
    They come direct from Douze and are sealed units so there is no possible adjustments

  • Started rebuilding the cargo bike, having a lovely time tbh.

    It's been identified as a Nanyang Ali Baba special, with Babboe denying its existence:­ront-loading-cargo-ebike-cargo-bike_1600­294819363.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlis­t.normal_offer.d_title.245d362fmK5wDf&s=­p

    The frame was very rusty, so I started stripping that back with a wire brush on a drill, and treated it with Vactan which luckily cures black. I stripped the forks of their rust, nasty decals and chrome finish with combo a flap disc on the angle grinder and gave them a coat of etch primer (yes of course I sprayed it too hurriedly and created runs), followed by matte black. Slowly it's coming back together with everything being cleaned & greased along the way.

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  • I'd quite like to find some dust seals for the ball steering ball joints only one of four remains and it's fucked- they were pretty dry and rough. I've greased them but I'm guessing without seals the grease will quickly become a grinding paste.

    I also ordered a right hand disc lever for the front brake as I can't handle the euro setup and a quick google suggests these master cylinders don't like being upside down, sounds legit.

    Other bits needed include

    1. A nice set of tires that come in both 27.5" and 20". I reckon I've got around 2.2 inches of clearance front and back. It's surprisingly hard to find a pair.
    2. Mudguards! I wish SKS did pick n mix. How do folks do it on their cargo bikes?
    3. I quite fancy one of those back wheel locks like in Holland. I also don't live in London so it seems a feasible way to leave it outside a shop for 2 mins.

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  • A nice set of tires that come in both 27.5" and 20"

    Continental contact urban!

    Mudguards! I wish SKS did pick n mix. How do folks do it on their cargo bikes?

    Talk to a shop that supplies cargo bikes, they might stock pairs of small / large mudguards.

    I’ve got a nice Trelock wheel u lock thing. It comes with mounts so you don’t have to have special bosses to mount it.

  • Also a recumbent specialist may have tires and/or fenders in sets to suit.

  • that looks like a track rod end, maybe one of those will fit if you can identify the threading etc..

  • Picked this up Saturday. Way more pleasant to ride than bike with BOB trailer, though initial steering at slow speeds is interesting.

    Anyone else with a bullit find that at slow speeds engaging the front brake causes a sideways tug on the front wheel?

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  • It shouldn’t do. Check the wheel is well centred in the fork.

  • New bike day and the sun came out for my ride home!

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  • I use THESE on my Omnom and fill them with grease.

  • I like this! Partner has a friend with one just like yours but with two boys, 9 and 11, that hang off as he goes round town. Seems remarkably resilient....

    But for now I want a bucket on 2 wheels I can strap him into - have just put a Wanted ad up in case anyone here has something to sell. Pretty sure I want a Bakfiets long or similar.


  • V v v v v swag

  • Weans enjoyed the ride home “dad put it on TURBOOOOOOO”. From a standing start it does shift, until you hit 16.5 mph 😅

  • +1 for Continental contact urban.
    They are very nice tyres and come in a whole heap of sizes

  • I’m thinking I might have to weld on idler arms for the steering linkages or something, or maybe just live with the click clack

  • Great to see you fixing it up!
    The mods were done by Auguste, shortly before he moved to France from Hoxton, FYI

  • Right, in the last week the idiots in charge of this country have fucked my plans to get an eBullitt on the bike to work scheme with likely increases in mortgage payments, along with the spike in food and energy bills. Right wing extremist morons. Can't believe how big a fuck up they've managed in such a short space of time.

    I'll have to abandon it. So I'm now looking again at my previous plan of getting a Bafang or Tongsheng fitted instead. But first I'll need to get rid of the Nexus 7 which has a coaster brake (or do I?) which AFAIK can't function with a motor.

    What should I be replacing it with? A Nexus 5 or the XT?

    Are there any shops out there that do both jobs, replacing the rear end and installing the motor? (before you ask, no I can't do it myself. Well, not that I couldn't try, but I just don't have the free time)

    Thanks for your help, as always.

  • BesBikes in Deptford/Greenwich.

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Cargo Bikes

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