Which LBS can do insurance quotes/claims?

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  • Some mother f***g ct of a monkey's a**e jusr fg reversed into my t****g bike.......

    Got all his details, have phoned the company and am waiting for a call back, I expect I will have to get an insurance quote, does anyone know who I can go to? Cavendish maybe?

    Also, just out of interest, as you can see from my pictures below it was attached to a lamppost outside my office, there isn't any way they can wriggle out of it because it's attached to a public lamppost, can they? ALSO, I don't have any insurance either so does that make any difference?

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... took me fucking ages to get that wheel too... and there may be other damage too as it was dragged 4 feet in the air up the post... the sound of carbon fibre crunching will scar me forever :(

  • ahhh dude.... WAC!
    what a fucking nightmare! at least you got all the details.
    maybe try Jimbilly at Evans?

    .... or i'm sure Cavendish would help you out.

  • London fields did mine, good knowledgeable service as usual.

  • cavendish. also always lock pavement side.

  • as said before WAC! epic wing mirror fail... your bike was stationary so the driver or his company has to pay, you just have to go to a shop that is knowledgable about those parts so that you can get a good quote. i don't think you need to have insurance for this.

  • That sucks big time. Dippy cunts like that shouldn't be allowed to drive 7.5 tonne lorries!

  • I hope that dozy cunt gave you some 'exotic juice drink' to say sorry!

  • Dozy cnut indeed... he was delivery to the paper shop next door... he reversed in narrowly missing the lamppost let alone my bike, then on bodging his reverse parking flew forward swinging out and dragging my bike with him, I went out fuming, he sniggered, shrugged his shoulders and said 'looks cheap, won't cost you much to replace that'.... I called him a cunt and had to restrain myself from clamping him one.....

    Good advice Dale.... live and learn and all that!

    I'll PM Hillbilly first, failing that, i'll buzz Cavendish.

  • Ah BoBoB - that sucks - at least you were there to catch them and film it.

    Give'em hell!

  • Did you manage to get him to wait whilst you took photo's? You got a hell of a lot of pics of it (which is brilliant) but usually they move the vehicle as soon as tey can to try to get out of it.

    Good luck trying to get it sorted out and I hope you can get full replacement parts.

  • usually they move the vehicle as soon as tey can to try to get out of it.

    Speaking from experience, BD? ;)

  • @ Bike destroyer - nah he didn't drive off, he still had to make his delivery to the shop next door, that and it happenend right infront of me so saw it all .... i've called the police and am now in touch with their insurance company, just need to get a quote now, i'm worried the headtube is bent... then theres the carbon forks, there's no way i'm gonna roll on them just in case there's a hairline crack under the covering...... arse

  • Well hopefully you can get it all replaced vis their insurance. Good luck with it all and let us know how it works out for other people in future.

  • The insurance company will do everything they can to pay as little as possible and pay as late as possible. (Hey, they have to keep the shareholders happy). You may have to get two or three quotes, all from bike shops who you trust to do good work on the repair, and can do it relatively quickly.
    You should be telling the insurance company that you will be charging them for other expesenses, eg. taxi fare to take your bike around to the bike shops, public transport fares until you get your bike back, time spent ringing and writing to them, stress, beer for stress, etc. You should keep a record of all your phone calls, perhaps confirming the details in writing. Send them copies of the photos every time you write - and charge them for it. If they think the value of the claims is going up the longer they delay then they might act quickly.

  • oh tobes, that is very sad news, hope it all goes ok with the claim!
    WAC. indeed.

  • shrugged his shoulders and said 'looks cheap, won't cost you much to replace that'....
    WTF? Shouldn't he have said "won't cost ***me ***much to replace that". What a cunt.

  • the wheel is no longer made so claim you need a hed3 to replace it, i don't know if this would work though

  • Nice pics and I hope they work for you mate.
    I've always been wary of leaving my bike that exposed on a lamp post close to the road even to nip into the shops* where there is every possibility that some delivery van will turn up and they aint always the most courteous people.

    *High Streets etc

  • have you had any joy with the claim are they gonna pay up for the bike

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Which LBS can do insurance quotes/claims?

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