What seatpost?

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  • u haz link?

    I know it's not expensive, but I think "well priced", or "not too expensive" is a better description.

    Anyway, hopefully the search is over, as I should have one of these on the way :)

    I will report back once I've tried it. I'm not sure if the red will match my yellow and orange colour scheme, but we'll see. The other problem is all of the 3T stuff always makes me want to have a full set of post/stem/bars.

  • KCNC stuff comes up when surfing weenie shops. So appears cheap. You're probably right. I like the clamp style of that 3T, and have it on the 29er. Again a faff to set up, but doesnt move once dialled in. Easier to find without set-back. Which is what I usually go for.

  • Yeah, I''m around your height, so usually I got for 0 seatback, but ever since seeing a comment on a forum saying "move your post down and seat back", I've been moving my seat back.

    Now my previous road frame has the saddle about as far back as it can go, and it just seems silly.

    Really need to measure myself properly and use a fit calc.

  • depends where your cleats are too. But I find I naturally sit down at a secific spot relative to my feet. If my saddle is back. I simply ride around on the nose.

    Sitting further back and lower down would bend my hips more than they like. I can get my front end lower and pedal harder with my body tilted forward.

    I might well be doing it wrong. But it feels right.

  • bump
    I like the adaptability of the thomson's,

    where as the thomson-like 2-bolt systems seem to work well.

    I go for 0 seatback

  • Yeah but they're American, gimmicky, and carry a fanboy status...

    ..a bit like apple products.

  • Personally I go for Hope for my CNC'd alu goodness. I cant much about their seatpost other than its full of nice CNC'd details. Which is enough for me ;)

  • I have a Ritchey one-bolt post, which works really well.

    Nice and easy to adjust, then just torque it to 12 Nm and you are done, simplicity itself.

    The CF one is nice and light as well, and can be got for ~£80 second hand.

  • Anyone used an Ionic 25 Team Comfort? It's an Ionic 25 post with an elastomer ring separating the saddle from the post to supposedly remove a bit of road buzz.


  • I have a 27.2mm specialized seatpost with Zertz insert if you want the bullshit marketing but without the €185 price tag.

  • Who rates them highly? That one's not the flexy split design.

    I'll probably just buy a layback Thomson.

  • Too low

  • alright, just cos you're a now healthy ectomorph from teh running and stuff, and i'm a reformed dvt survivor, no need to rub it in jabba the hutt's face..

  • Best to be on the safe side...

  • I'd love a shock post but I want it for the TT bike not the road bike.

  • £55 for a Thomson layback. I know they work.

  • I have the top spec Ionic LTD stealth on my 'dale and its utter shit for anything other than round rails. They don't do a clamp kit that fits 7x9 oval rails

  • I have had, and still have a number of 3T seat posts, and they are indeed a bit shit as they crack if you look at them funny.

    I will not buy another.

  • I'm grateful too Maria, and will be sure to contact your good trusted friend Fernandez, thank you so much.

    Would you say the thompson layback will be ok for @hippy 's needs?

  • The only bad report I've seen is that someone couldn't get their saddle nose low enough.

    I'm too scared to go off piste with seatpost choice now. Some of them are a pain in the butt to adjust.

  • What seatpost have you got atm? A decent layback carbon post will take the buzz out and I can confidently rep the canyon post (one on ebay) as I am using it atm with an alu bike; feels less harsh than full carbon bike with seatmast .. there were copies of the fancy canyon post on aliexpress and I know for fact that @HoKe has legit one lying around that he wants to get rid ..

  • Indeed

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What seatpost?

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