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  • Planning to get myself a nice Longboard, torn between a Landyachtz, Lush or a Surf One (Basically what's available in the LSS. Anyone on here have any of the above?? Thoughts on them? I want something fairly all round for some carving/freeride and a little bit of downhill bombing. Opinions please...

  • I'm assuming by the fact that no one else replied to this thread that there are no other long boarders who would fancy the occational sunday skate?

  • Long boards are annoying, whats skating without tic-taccing?

  • Arbor do some nice boards... I ride a 36" Cruiser... you used to be able to get them from Surrey Skateboards in Woking but they closed down. I see a lot of people on Lush board in Crystal Palace so they must be pretty good

  • longboards are really fun on nice hills but proper boards are way more practical, you can put them on your backpack and you can ollie up kerbs etc. i couldn't ride something without kicktails for very long, feels too much like a plank.

  • get a zipzinger

  • that board looks cool

  • I ride a slalom board, not a proper long board, it's better for getting to the shops and back for me. And I like throwing myself down hills.

  • I'm getting back into normal skateboarding after re-kindling my love for it today when being an extra in a Bollywood film.

    I got paid alot of money to skate and do fuckall for a day.

    Also I think skating would like me back, after a 7 year relationship, I've been gone 2 years without any explanation!

    (back to longboard chatz)

  • Mine looks a bit like this one, it's about normal skateboard length but thinner and more flexible. I use holey trucks and bennet alligator wheels.

  • This takes me back 1978, had a fibreflex slalom board then moved to a short fibreflex board with a tracker on the rear a gullwing on the front and riding bones wheels or kryptonites reds

  • I've had a Vision Borneo set up with Independent trucks for 8 years, gone quite cold on it for a few years now. Had some horrible accidents with WVM drivers on Ladbroke Grove and around Regents Park. Really did try to HTFU but find London just to fucking busy for proper down hill/cruising.

    Not sure what you're looking for but if I were to buy a new deck I'd go for a Sector 9.

  • I don't know what Lush are like now but they always seemed a bit "sell lots of stuff cheap" to me.

    Arbor and G&S make nice decks, randalls are by far the best trucks to go for, get some half inch risers and krypto wheels :)

    Making your own deck from marine ply is another option if you don't want concave or a kicktail, it's a nice cheap way of making a downhilling board and there are plenty of "how to" sites online.

  • Kryps really aint what they were in 1978 ... the 'Classic' is OK, but slalom wheels ... phew! Avalons / Avilas. Also Abec11 make decent wheels. Not ridden the Bennett's Nhatt's got.

  • P.S. Didn't know you were a skater, diable ... and slalom too! Interesting ...

  • P.S. Didn't know you were a skater, diable ... and slalom too! Interesting ...

    Used to love skateboaring and a curved fibre slalom board as a thing of beauty and you had to pump it around the bends/cones.

    Tried to search online for a pic of a Gullwing truck but can't find one it was the one that you needed the "saver" as it could collapse.

  • So.... any chance of a shred in two sundays time? Vicky park? Gentle but nice hill there...

  • Kryps really aint what they were in 1978 ...

    Apparently original Krypto's are very valuable nowadays on the likes of eBay.


  • Gullwing Phoenix was the bollocks to have back then


    I've got an NOS set. Obviously i haven't used them, so I'm not sure how they actually turn. All a bit pointless this collecting lark.

  • this stuff is making me really nostalgic. by the time i got into skating it was the mid-late 80s but all the mags and books i had were from boot sales and circa the early 70s so i always fetishised stuff from this era.

    my first "proper" (i.e. not a plastic "variflex" from the local sports shop) board had super squishy kryptonic 70mms on a beat up 80s new deal deck. weighed a ton but it was so smooth, fast and quiet. ahhhhh.

    haha! just found a picture of my first ever board:

    god what a piece of shit. i fucking LOVED that thing.

  • Lol, I remember lusting over variflex but I was so poor I had an even cheaper imitation one with plastic trucks & wheels.

    As crap as them 'plank of cabinet board' variflex's are theres something so awesomely appealling about them.

  • There used to be a skate shop in South Kensington years ago my mate paid £200 for a fibreflex slalom board I think it had 8" tracker trucks on it and bones wheels. This must have been in 1980/82 its a fucking lot of money now for a board but it was beautiful something like this but in blue http://www.altrec.com/fibreflex-skateboa­rds/44-pintail and only a strip of grip tape in the middle oh and the best thing that came out where sealed bearings changed your ride greatly.

  • Hi all, my virgin post on londonfgss!!
    couldn't help but jump in and mention that Brixton Cycles do an awsome collection of Longboards...Quite specialist and let you try them out on the sk8park next door.. Fiberflex etc you can obviously get stuff for your bike at the same time... double whammy!! No??

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Longboard Skateboard Advice

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