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  • Announcements of new gigs could start to get costly. Lots of interesting Songkick notifications coming through at the moment.

  • I'm still waiting for the ones I paid for that were happening in 2020 to be rearranged properly.

    Solange is now 2022 and those were box seats as a present for the wife so £300 I'm out of pocket.
    Swans - cancelled
    Squarepusher - rearranged to October
    Squid - rearranged to June (seems ambitious)
    King Krule - Cancelled?

    Am really looking forward to getting back to a few gigs but I don't think it will be feasible for a while.

  • Yeah have a similar situation to that as well. Next one in my diary is Mike Oldfield on the 8th of August with my dad so really hoping we'll be able to get to that one. Think I've been able to update my calendar with any dates changes so far but it's getting tricky to keep on top of it. A lot of the new announcements look to be well into 2022 now which is probably a sensible idea.

  • Squid - rearranged to June (seems ambitious)

    It's September, if you're going to the Printworks gig. Looking forward to it, as it's rare to be able to walk to a gig.

    I've no idea what went on with a bunch of the gigs I had lined up - keep getting emails saying 'Your event has been cancelled, here are fewer pounds than you paid', but not telling me which event. Apart from Squid, had a couple of Nick Caves, Baxter Dury, Hinds, Fontaines, FNM - and a few others that I can't remember. Guess the money will either come back to me or they'll tell me new dates at some stage.

  • Squid have got a date at Scala as well before the Printworks gig. Think it was originally early 2020 and has been sold out from well before the original date. Has obviously been pushed back quite a bit and they announced the Printworks gig a bit later on which has then been moved back as well so they've ended up quite close to each other.

  • Ah ok, I'd thought with the fire and pandemic, Scala wouldn't be back - good news that it is.

  • ^ this - Scala gig postponed from last year.

    The notification for the date change was only a couple of weeks ago so hoping that it's going ahead.

  • Guns & Roses, Greenday, Junction2, some smaller punk gigs. Half rescheduled for next year already. Still waiting to hear about the others. Lots of money in tickets. Hope the bands survive long enough for me to catch a glimpse.

  • Looking forward to my first gig in 16 months this evening. Erased Tapes night at Grand Junciton with Penguin Cafe as the headline. I could get a but emotional.

  • Just bought gig tickets for the first time in forever. Feels good man. Feels good.

  • Due to a mate’s injury I have a spare for Bristol’s finest noise merchants SCALPING’s sold-out gig tonight at Peckham Audio. Should be a cracker, they’re excellent live. Was £15, but I’ll take whatever to save it going to waste.

  • Looking forward to Squid tonight, saw them at Wide Awake a few weeks ago and loved it so excited for a full set.

  • Had tickets to their gig that got rescheduled three times due to covid. Ticket was only £12.

    The last time, they just cancelled it, no option to rebook. Tickets for new gig were more expensive and sold out.

    Fuck them.

  • That's shit, hadn't realised they'd cancelled that one.

  • The Specials tonight at The Roundhouse. I am excite.

  • Yup. Think they just thought they could make a bit more £ and do a bigger venue.

    Album was great but not in a hurry to chuck more money in their pockets.

    Real shame as they look awesome live from what I've seen.

    Hope you have a good time regardless...

  • @Soul - I've got a spare ticket for tonight if you want one for free. Mate had to pull out. Drop me a line if you're interested.

    @ric_a5 - Hopefully see you in there - I'll be standing with a very tall guy with a broken arm.

  • That's incredibly generous. I was supposed to be working in town today but stayed at home - no way I can make it in.

    Thanks though; really appreciate the offer.

  • No worries, it'll just go to waste otherwise.

    If anyone else wants to see Squid for free in Surrey Quays tonight, let me know within the next hour before I log off.

  • I’ll keep an eye out

  • Well, that was a surprise - Printworks is an amazing venue, fricking huge, Squid were way better than they are on record (if still really pretentious) and the crowd was massive for a small punky-type band. Really weird being around so many people (I was still masking, but pretty much on my own). Just waiting for the ping today.

    @ric_a5 - hope you enjoyed - was way too busy to bump into people, but we just stood back at the mixing desk as my mate was protecting his broken arm.

  • Really enjoyed it yeah, haven't been to Printworks for a gig before and I've only been before this when it first opened up a few years ago for their full day events so was happy to see it work well for a band. Agree that Squid are definitely better live than on record as well. I had a check around for a tall person with a broken arm but no luck, I ended up around mid way in the pit for most of it in the end.

    @Soul if you end up forgiving them in future for the mess around with the other gig I'd definitely recommend you see them when you can.

  • Nick Cave needs to get rid of that little hairy little homunculus and start writing some rock songs again. Most boring gig I've ever been to.

  • Bit last minute

    Does anyone want four tickets for four tet tonight? We won't be going due to a few of us having caught a cold.

    this show­emybrixton/events/1343767/four-tet-ticke­ts

    goes to two a.m

  • Very much looking forward to And So I Watch You From Afar tonight another one that has been a very long wait due to a few different setbacks

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Gigs and Music Events

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