Removing velocity stickers

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  • how the fuck do you get them off?
    i've tried label remover/white spirit - no effect.

  • use the search button you fool!

  • lighter fluid

  • that is large for a thumbnail image. but yes Matt you are spot on. they came off real easy.

  • use the search button you fool!


  • lighter fluid, then put a flame to it, it just vanishes (means you don't have to sit there working at it for ages).

  • Boiling water.

  • Citrus degreaser gets everything off of everything*

    • i haven't actually tried everything but i certainly works on stickers.
  • mine just came right off no problems...

  • I second boiling water

  • on my new whels they came right off, on older rims i have spent an hour trying to scratch it off with my fingernails, the sticker just keeps crumbling and wont come off, i am gonna try a hairdryer as soon as i can find one

  • hair dryer to warm them first

  • if yu ride fast enought they fly off on their own

  • +1 Hairdryer

    I had some ridiculously stubborn ones, took a hairdryer to them to soften glue, then used a plastic tyre lever to spare my fingernails. Lighterfluid afterwards for the glue. Clean as a whistle.

  • does this work on all rim stickers or just the velocitys? I have some garish sticker on a set of alex rims that would look waay better taken off, the rims are black not silver it that makes any difference.

  • Go to the chemist and ask for the shit they use to take plasters off - I think its isopropyl alcohol or something - usually they do wipes in separate packets for 20p each. It's much better than degreaser/nail vanish remover/vodka

  • Angle grinder will do the trick.

  • Maplins Decal remover - about 5 quid and works on everything

  • i chewed mine off once i coated them in Sulphuric Acid

  • if you get them off nd theres a sticky resadue use a rubber/eraser and then just rub off

  • Just another quick tip...I used a cheapo version of WD40 and an old credit card to get the decals off my 1980s bike. Worked a treat. WD40 is also good for getting rid of the sticky residue.

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Removing velocity stickers

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