Fuck me, the price of inner tubes!

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  • Wait wut?

    The penetrative puncture protection causes friction punctures?

    Just go fucking tubeless.

  • Hmm, those holes are usually more on the side of the tube though right? Where the tube rubs the tyre. If the hole is more central to the actual rim, I'd still be looking. The rubbed off tube bits are usually quite small and grainy with an obvious (usually cross cross) pattern on the part of the tube that would contact the sidewall.

    The photo looks like tyre rubbed off on the outer part of the insert (or maybe it has been flipped/reversed?)


  • Are you talking about tubeless tyre inserts or Tannus "armour"?

    Moving around still doesn't explain a hole on the rim side. Low pressure tubes would do this all the time if it was the case.

  • Still don't think it's the insert, the hole is in line with the valve and has fairly sharp edges. I rode with just a tube today and no puncture yet.

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  • Fuck me, the price of tyre inserts.

  • yeah, how does that happen? The rim did it?

  • What pressure were you running?

    The marking/pattern on the tube around the hole and along the tube also look unusual, as if it was so low it was rubbing against the rim tape.

  • I think around 55psi when I pumped it up but that was a while before it happened. With the insert the tyre always feels pretty firm.

  • Had a flat on one of the hermetic tubes. Noticed the rim tape (crappy plastic shimano rim tape) was all bunched up near the valve opening. Inspected tube and there is a cut at the base of the valve where it meets the rim opening. Not sure how this could have happened or if the tube can be repaired as a patch is not going to sit flat on that area.

    I'm going to inspect the rim valve hole to see if it is rough enough to slice the tube and buy some new velox rim tape that might act as a buffer between metal and inner tube valve. 🤷

    Another thought I had is if it due to putting on the threaded valve ring, maybe the tube moved somehow(?) And the valve ring trapped it and caused it to tear?

  • ... part 2: same happened to the next tube I put in. I have now swapped the rim tape for a tighter version. Scared to put in yet another tube. Seems like the innertube was being dragged around inside the tyre or something?

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  • That type of thing often happens with overly enthusiastic pumping (or pumphead removal)

    That blue rim tape does look fucked though. Is it not sticky? I've only ever had mine move side to side, not bunch up like that.

    It could be, if the rim tape is moving forward and backward it's cut into the valve stem.

  • No not sticky. I've replaced it with tighter tape, so it wont move now. Pain in the ass.

  • I always used Velox tape. Since starting to use tubeless on dirt wheels I've started using Tesa tape for tubed rims as well (since I have a load of it). I'd definitely look for adhesive tape. I have a couple of non-sticky Schwalbe rim strips that are meant to be ok but I've not used them so can't say either way if they'll work. Could send you one of those if you wanna try it? Road rims?

  • I have some velox coming, but thanks for the offer hip. 👍

  • I used my last roll of Velox a few weeks ago and have had to rewrap old tape that shifted sideways. I don't really want to buy more tape while I've got Tesa tape kicking around but it's not handy right now so bodgery will do. I've got those Schwalbe things in a pinch (pardon the pun) anyway.

  • My mystery punctures were caused by a shifted adhesive cloth rim tape. Tyre and rim are tubeless ready so a very tight fit and combined with the high friction on the tape it shifted and exposed the sharp edge of the hole in the rim. After replacing it with a smooth plastic type it's been fine. Rear tyre has now a couple of holes deep enough to see the insert, so it's working.

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  • Never mind inner tubes.
    There’s currently a Paul r/d on R*etrob*ke for €950 and ‘73 Campagnolo r/d on eb*y for £1250…
    Derailleur’s the new botcoyn now?

  • my little tyre insert adventure has now come to an end.

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  • The hell?

    Is the red the insert? What pressure you been running?

  • It was around 65psi, it's a 38mm tyre with a smaller tube + insert. The insert rubs away the inside of the tyre, I saw flakes of rubber when I took it off at the front a while ago.

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  • Look like they also create friction like those tyres liner.

  • That’s mental that it’s worn it’s way right through.

  • I think cause it wrap round to the sidewall, where it is quite thin already, if not ridden at a very high pressure, cause the inner tube to grip it and move it on the tyres wearing it out.

  • I think so too, they should make their own tyres where it's fused and doesn't move around.

  • What was the point of this thing again? Why not just buy thicker, more durable tyres.

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Fuck me, the price of inner tubes!

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