Fuck me, the price of inner tubes!

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  • Yeah looks good value but also a bit like you get a free bag with tools & tube, what’s the quality like? Also heavy on the branding imo.

  • little heavy on the branding

    I would love to see simple / subtle branding

  • .

  • 'Hermetic' tubes arrived. They feel probably twice the wall thickness of standard Conti tube (Cross 28 on left in picture). I weighed Cross 28 = 170g, weight of Hermetic = 225g. Other than that not much visible difference. I was expecting a totally smooth tube as in the picture on the box, but the surface just looks like a standard tube. They supposedly have a different butyl mix than standard tube. They would be bulky to carry as spares and would be much bigger than a Tubolito.

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  • Condor have 5 for £14.99 at the moment - only in 20-25mm size though

  • they die eventually but ime they're good for 6 months - a year

  • This is what I've been buying for the last few months. Only seem to have long valves in stock most of the time though

  • I ended up buying a saddle tool roll bag from @user71349 and I have to say it’s pretty sweet!
    Materials & workmanship look excellent, was given a choice of colours & received it within days!
    Would def recommend his services, top skills! 👍

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  • That looks good, how does it attach to the saddle?

  • Thread either end of yellow strap through the saddle rails and round the bag so the straps clamp the bag up into the underside of the saddle, Velcro really strong & wide, no noticeable bag swing etc easily fits spare tube, mini tool, levels, patches etc more Velcro tabs used to keep the roll tight and neat. 👌🏻

    (I might actually have it up side down at the moment as the strap is offset so it would sit a bit further away from the seat post)

  • I installed some Tannus armour inserts into both of my tyres recently and was about to write a negative review about how much drag they add to the point where I started looking into tubeless or e-bikes.
    Turns out I had messed up the rear wheel alignment so the disc brake was dragging all the time.
    Without a permanently engaged brake they ride quite nicely and add a bit of bouncy squishiness.
    Can't say anything about how puncture proof they are yet. Running them in 700x38c Voyager Hyper tyres.
    Before that I had a Voyager Hyper in the front and a Marathon Green Guard in the back and about 5 punctures in the last year all but one in the back.

  • Look interesting and better than the strip of puncture tape that causes punctures.

    It look like a smaller inner tube is needed?

  • I installed some Tannus armour inserts

    I wonder what they'd be like on my old 26" MTBs instead of doing ghetto tubeless.

  • It look like a smaller inner tube is needed?

    Yes. https://tannusamerica.com/pages/tannus-a­rmour-tubes

    Armour - Tube
    26" x 1.95-2.5" 26" x 1.5-1.95"

  • Yes, I went with a 28-32 tube in the 38mm tyre.

  • Update on my Tannus armour inserts. Today I had my first puncture on the front. Can't really find the reason, the hole on the tube is on the rim side and I can't find anything on the rim bed or any cuts or holes on the tyre. The most worrying part is that the insert was covered with rubber shavings that it rubbed off the tyre and the same amount was still in the tyre itself which made the search for a hole quite annoying.
    That must rob a lot of energy and I don't know if it will eventually damage the tyre.

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  • Talc between tyre and insert might work?

  • It appears to be self-talcing :)

  • Can't really find the reason, the hole on the tube is on the rim side and I can't find anything on the rim bed

    Did you definitely orientate the tube the correct way when trying to match it up to the rim? I've definitely accidentally flipped it when trying to line stuff up.
    Is the rim tape sunk in to the nipple holes. I've had the same issue in TABR - zero discernable issues other than slight depression of tape into nipple hole but it fucked me on McKenzie Pass.

  • I used shit loads of it when fitting it the first time otherwise it would have been impossible to get it into the tyre.

  • Totally possible since it's pretty tricky to stuff all of it into the tyre. I will have another look on the weekend, it was getting dark when I changed the tube.

  • Sound like friction resulting in the tube getting punctured, very common with tyres insert.

    Tyres insert need to be set at quite a high pressure in order for it to not move inside when riding (if you like to ride with a low or moderate pressure, you’re fucked).

  • Does that cause some different puncture shape on the tube? I could only find a small pin hole.

  • It wear down the tube to the point tiny pinprick holes appear.

  • Damn

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Fuck me, the price of inner tubes!

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